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Frank Is Alive!

Kidding. He’s not. Frank died. Four times in my fiction serial in Talk Vomit. With four new fantastic drawings from Nikita. Check them out: Why Frank Chose His Family Over an Eternal Orgy *Based on my idea of Hell Frank died. His feet went first. Falling. He was falling down, down, down, and stopped right in the middle of a wild orgy. There were couches, … Continue reading Frank Is Alive!

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365 Days Later: End of our Challenge

Day 365, the end. For those of you who didn’t know, this website was a collaborative project between Nikita Klimov and Benjamin Davis. Ben is from Massachusetts, U.S.A., and Nikita is from Moscow, Russia. They both live in St. Petersburg, Russia for some reason no one can ever seem to grasp. Since October 17th, 2016, Ben has written a flash fiction story every day. He … Continue reading 365 Days Later: End of our Challenge

Oranges are Better in Spain

Hank and I walk down a street in Grenada with a group of twenty-somethings. “Woo-hoos” sound so much worse echoing off of two-hundred year old cobblestone, I think. “Woo-hoos sound so much–what?” Hank is looking at the road ahead. I follow his gaze, a man in a ski-mask is half-way out of a car window. Before anyone can react, he starts throwing. The group scatters … Continue reading Oranges are Better in Spain

Dancing to the Death of Beauty

Drug dealers only ever offer me cocaine. We are in Portugal, an old man grabs my arm, he smiles, his teeth are black. “What?” “Cocaine-ah?” “Why would you offer me cocaine? You have offered everyone else here Hashish but yet you offer me cocaine? I don’t think I look like I like cocaine.” “You do kind of look like you like cocaine,” Hank says, standing … Continue reading Dancing to the Death of Beauty

The President of Massachusetts

We stop at a gas station at the western-most end of west Texas. Everything is in Spanish. It is hot, dry–the kind of heat that never moves except to breathe with you. I stand outside the convenience store looking up at these great towering cylinders and have a cigarette. “Can I?” Someone asks. I turn. A short man with half-broken teeth has his fingers to … Continue reading The President of Massachusetts

The Second Coming of Christ’s First Day on the Job

Before THE END TIMES, before the election, before THE PR TEAM got ahold of him, The Second Coming of Christ was born. Ten minutes before that, Doctor Rosedale-Grosse sped down ROUTE 23. The disgraced Doctor, who gained notoriety for his book “301 Disorders You Knew Existed but Couldn’t Quite Put Your Finger On,” and infamy for his book, “The View From The window of Your … Continue reading The Second Coming of Christ’s First Day on the Job

The Man Who Made Pigs Fly

Interview with Albert Coughlin Location: Washington, D.C. Date: Tuesday, July 25, 2031 COLLINS: Alright Albert, why don’t we just dive right in–oh, I mean, why don’t we get started here. Can you tell our readers what drove you to do this? There are so many theories out there and we can’t begin to cover them all. ALBERT COUGHLIN: Hm–theories, huh? like what? COLLINS: oh, some … Continue reading The Man Who Made Pigs Fly