MINIATURES MONUMENTAL VICTORY! By BOB HALL Staff Writer On May 16, 1955, the Supreme Court issued its landmark Miniatures V. United States ruling, which declared that Miniatures are to be considered individuals. The decision overturned the 1952 Supreme Court case: Darla V. Mengel’s Miniatures which ruled that Miniatures could not be considered individuals and therefore Darla could not be adopted by the Miniature of her … Continue reading MINIATURE’S MONUMENTAL VICTORY

The State of Maine V. Gerald Ford’s Miniatures

The State of Maine Versus Gerald Ford’s Miniatures By Benjamin Davis Characters: JUDGE THOMPSON BAILIFF DEPUTY DISTRICT ATTORNEY PUBLIC DEFENDER CLERK JURORS ACT I SCENE: Court room. Wooden tables and chairs, smooth and clean. The Deputy District Attorney sits at his table drinking a glass of water. The Public Defender is seated at a table on top of which sit One, Two, Four, Five, Six, … Continue reading The State of Maine V. Gerald Ford’s Miniatures

Gerald Ford’s Miniatures

Seven stood next to the table leg, watching. Master Gerald tossed a balled up bit of ketchup covered wax paper to the floor. One of the other miniatures scurried over and scooped it up. Master Gerald laughed. Seven straightened his shoulders. “Hey!” he called. Master Gerald looked down. “Yes?” “Is there anything I can do for you Master?” Seven said, losing his courage. Master Gerald scowled at him. … Continue reading Gerald Ford’s Miniatures

Interview With Joseph Mengel

April 6th, 1953 – Following are excerpts from an exclusive KTAR interview with J. Howard Pyle and the CEO and Founder of Mengel’s Miniatures, Joseph Mengel. JHP: Dr. Mengel, can you tell us what Mengel’s Miniatures represents? JM: Yes, of course. It represents freedom. It represents fathers at baseball games. A work-day that ends when you walk in the door. It represents food on the table, … Continue reading Interview With Joseph Mengel