Maine v. Miniatures: Episode 2


Catch up on the story of Gerald Ford’s Miniatures here:

mengel_39_s mengel_39_s_interview ford_39_s_miniatures mengel_39_s_play darla img_1320 song

Written in collaboration with Elliot Davis (My brother). More of his work can be found here:

9 thoughts on “Maine v. Miniatures: Episode 2

      1. I hope to continue to entertain. That’s the goal. This story will end tomorrow but after that we will set up a page. There is more that will go into it. I’ve written things like police and coroners reports and other miniature stories. So, when It’s all collected hopefully its just a fun little side world I can continue to add to.

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    1. Just posted the final “chapter” in the story. It concludes the Gerald Ford story-line. I might go back to miniatures in the future but, if you want to see what happens check out “Miniature’s Monumental Victory”. Thanks for reading, I’m glad you like it.


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