The Center of the Universe


Dave called me in a panic.

“Hey Dave, what–”

“Hey man, so, you’re pretty religious right?”

“Uh,” I frowned at my open refrigerator, I closed it. “Yeah, Dave, I guess. I mean–I go to Church like everyone else.”

There was a pause at the other end, one of those tense serious ones.


“Yeah, yeah. So, you know, do you think Earth is the center of the universe?”

I decided to take a seat. “What?”

“The center of the universe. So,” he took a breath, “if–hypothetically, earth were the center of the universe and we could prove it, would that mean something to you?”

I tried to imagine the universe, Earth at the center. For some reason it just made me think of my uncle’s swimming pool I used to play in as a kid. Dave interrupted the thought.

“Would that be important, yes or no?” he pressed, he sounded scared, rushed.

I shrugged, “well, yeah I suppose if earth were at the center of the universe, I mean, that’d have to mean something, right?”

Dave sighed through the phone. “Okay, but, what if it meant nothing, it just happened to be the center of the universe because somewhere had to be and that’s just the fact of it, would that be okay with you?”

“Well, it would make sense, God created everything, I suppose he’d want us at the center of it all,” I tried. I knew how smart Dave was, far smarter than me, I wanted to give him the right answer. But, on the other end, he swore.

“Dave?” I tried, “Man, I really don’t understand what you want.”

I could hear Dave break something, he came back to the phone a bit calmer. “It’s nothing, just–I learned something today, I’m not sure if I should tell anyone, the consequences–”

“Dave, I’m not you, but I’m not an idiot. Did you find out that Earth was the center of the universe?” I cut in, unable to contain the excitement in my tone.

He waited, breathing.


“Yeah, maybe–but, just, can you understand that Earth can be the center of the Universe while at the same time that can mean absolutely nothing at all?”

We are the center of the universe, I thought.

“I knew it!” I cried. Unable to contain myself. “I have to tell Barbara, Oh–and that hippie neighbor kid who’s always blabbering on about energy and karma and crap. Man, thank you! I’m glad you chose to tell me first! I needed this man, I really did.”

I drummed the table, even stood up and jigged; every doubt I ever had, falling away. I don’t remember when I picked the phone back up, but Dave wasn’t there when I did.

13 replies to “The Center of the Universe

  1. wow, what a story! It was enough proof for the narrator. If there was ever any doubt about God’s existence, yet there is no more. And the poor, poor thinker, to whom we owe this triumph. He still finds small hints, which have enough strength to doubt further. Wonderful Flash, the first interpretation hopefully makes sense!

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  2. It seemed that the friend, Dave is having troubles, with the fact, that you are not the center of the universe, and realizing so suddenly, that the world we live in doesn’t revolve around us, can be shocking, but, as adults, don’t you think we should’ve already, gotten past the “the world is my stage”, and all eyes are on me stage of life from back when we were teenagers, and tend to magnify every little thing we encounter in life???

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    1. OK. this is the other way, the earth is not the center, and for Dave, our existence suddenly becomes very minuscule. Ohhh, but that is a very, very powerful I would almost say superhuman insight. No doubt it is genuine and correct, but which human can live with it? How can I be useful to the world when I walk on the earth as an unhappy person? And what is the role of the question of faith in God? God has given us life, not for torment, suffering and doubt. We are creatures with feelings, thoughts and emotions and the ego must be satisfied in a certain way, otherwise a happy existence is not possible. Now this life has to be balanced. To promote personal happiness, to nurture the interpersonal relationships but not to lose sight of the whole. Accordingto live to God’s Word, to preserve mankind and the earth.

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      1. yes. Well what Dave is trying to say is that there shouldn’t be any link to eath’s location and the importance of humanity and he’s struggling with the fact that people will interpret it as some divine fact when really it doesn’t actually matter where earth is in the universe. No matter what you believe.

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      2. Oh thank you flash. Hmm, this is now very deep. You mean, if you believe in God, you should not look for signs and interpret situations because that is a sign of doubt? If you´ve got faith, then completely and fully and act according to its own responsibility? Well, and if one does not believe, the position of earth probably does not matter, because the valence of oneself in contrast to the earth will not change. Have I understood that correctly?


    2. that is the way it seems many people go about living in the world. In this case that is exactly what dave is afraid of. He discovered that earth is the center of the universe but doesn’t want to tell anyone because people would make it a bigger deal than it is and reaffirm everyone’s self importance and beliefs.

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      1. Ah, hmmm, well, even more self-complacency and egoism for mankind is not good, I confirm Daves opinion. Though I do not see any disadvantage in strengthening faith in God. If humanity were to live according to God’s commandments, there would a great deal be won, no?


      2. Well, maybe the EARTH is the CENTER of the universe, and Dave’s fear may be warranted too, as people tend to get take over by their own elevated level of self-importance, that is what will surely, RUIN the world, having people with HUGE egos running the world to the ground!

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  3. Dave tries hard to maintain the rational role – and he really didn’t want the narrator rushing off to tell everybody. As a scientist and a Christian, I’m with Dave on this one. Even if his observation is true – and he has doubts – the fact that the earth is at the centre of the universe says absolutely nothing at all about the existence or non-existence of God.
    You’ve written a parable, Flash! I wouldn’t have expected it of you!
    Best wishes

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