How to Make Racist Friends and Alienate People

Q sits in my kitchen drinking a canned gin and tonic from a dirty wine glass. “I can’t make any friends in Russia,” he says. I wait. “Q.” He turns. “We’re friends.” He shrugs. “Kind of.” “Kind of how?” “We are just two people who don’t really listen to each other talk. That’s much better than friends.” I frown. “How is that better than friends?” … Continue reading How to Make Racist Friends and Alienate People

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365 Days Later: End of our Challenge

Day 365, the end. For those of you who didn’t know, this website was a collaborative project between Nikita Klimov and Benjamin Davis. Ben is from Massachusetts, U.S.A., and Nikita is from Moscow, Russia. They both live in St. Petersburg, Russia for some reason no one can ever seem to grasp. Since October 17th, 2016, Ben has written a flash fiction story every day. He … Continue reading 365 Days Later: End of our Challenge

Oral Fix-Nation!

Every time I’ve tried to fall asleep for the past ten-or so years, I’ve spent the first twenty minutes–eyes closed–thinking the same thing; it takes the average person seven minutes to fall asleep.  Next, I decide it’s time to quit smoking. This goes on for another fifteen or so minutes before I get too stressed-out and need a cigarette. Last night I sat up in … Continue reading Oral Fix-Nation!