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Frank Is Alive!

Kidding. He’s not. Frank died. Four times in my fiction serial in Talk Vomit. With four new fantastic drawings from Nikita. Check them out: Why Frank Chose His Family Over an Eternal Orgy *Based on my idea of Hell Frank died. His feet went first. Falling. He was falling down, down, down, and stopped right in the middle of a wild orgy. There were couches, … Continue reading Frank Is Alive!

What Happened When Frank Died: Episodes 2 & 3

Hello Readers (living, dead, undead), Our What Happened When Frank Died series is going strong in Talk Vomit! There are two new stories up with two new stunning works of art by Nikita. In the second episode, Frank finds himself in the hellish landscape of an overpopulated heaven: What Frank Saw When He Looked Between His Legs Frank died. Frank fell hard onto something soft. … Continue reading What Happened When Frank Died: Episodes 2 & 3

The Moss: A New Project from Flash-365

The Moss“Rock, Paper, Scissors, Moss.”   Have you been missing new stories and art from Flash-365? We have. The Moss is a new publication on Medium from Benjamin Davis & Nikita Klimov the author and illustrator of The King of FU and The Babushka Society. Creators of Flash-365. Benjamin Davis is an American author and journalist. He writes a bi-weekly column for Russia Beyond the Headlines: Conversations with Russians. Nikita Klimov is a Russian artist, … Continue reading The Moss: A New Project from Flash-365