The Man Who Made Pigs Fly

Interview with Albert Coughlin Location: Washington, D.C. Date: Tuesday, July 25, 2031 COLLINS: Alright Albert, why don’t we just dive right in–oh, I mean, why don’t we get started here. Can you tell our readers what drove you to do this? There are so many theories out there and we can’t begin to cover them all. ALBERT COUGHLIN: Hm–theories, huh? like what? COLLINS: oh, some … Continue reading The Man Who Made Pigs Fly

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The Day my Therapist Dumped Me

I sat on the street outside my therapist’s office smoking a cigarette. The door was locked so I assumed her to be running a bit late. We had seen each other four times. Talked of parents and childhood and sexual repression. The whole shah-bang. Making progress, I suppose. I waited – five past, ten past – a car makes a sharp U-turn and pulls up … Continue reading The Day my Therapist Dumped Me

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Knowing Too Much and Nothing at All

A shower appeared in my bedroom thirty seconds ago. No, not a shower. A tube of some sort, fogged glass. The door opens, steam pours out. Okay, maybe it is a shower. A man with neat hair and an old face steps out. He frowns. “You’re not Martin,” he says, then scowls, “crap.” He turns and looks at the shower, then back at me. “Where … Continue reading Knowing Too Much and Nothing at All

Gerald Ford’s Miniatures

Seven stood next to the table leg, watching. Master Gerald tossed a balled up bit of ketchup covered wax paper to the floor. One of the other miniatures scurried over and scooped it up. Master Gerald laughed. Seven straightened his shoulders. “Hey!” he called. Master Gerald looked down. “Yes?” “Is there anything I can do for you Master?” Seven said, losing his courage. Master Gerald scowled at him. … Continue reading Gerald Ford’s Miniatures

Interview With Joseph Mengel

April 6th, 1953 – Following are excerpts from an exclusive KTAR interview with J. Howard Pyle and the CEO and Founder of Mengel’s Miniatures, Joseph Mengel. JHP: Dr. Mengel, can you tell us what Mengel’s Miniatures represents? JM: Yes, of course. It represents freedom. It represents fathers at baseball games. A work-day that ends when you walk in the door. It represents food on the table, … Continue reading Interview With Joseph Mengel