Billy, Billy and Billy

**For those of you who were wondering where the billy goats were in Sunday’s story: There be a Troll! On a small bridge over the Griboyedova Canal, three goats sat. Their names were Billy, Billy, and Billy. They were not named Billy, Billy and Billy because they had cruel or uncreative parents (though they were.) No, Billy, Billy and Billy were named Billy, Billy and … Continue reading Billy, Billy and Billy

The Mother of The Sun

Part V of V. “Huh?” I say, staring at The Sun’s mother, my pride diminishing. She is looking down at the girl. “I didn’t even recognize her,” she sighs. “she’s gotten so old.” She turns and looks at me, sad-eyed. “You must understand. My son is a very temperamental man. He goes out, he comes home, he stays out all night then spends seven months cooped … Continue reading The Mother of The Sun

Descent from Fahrenheit 451°

The finale of The Babushka Society II (six part series): for the first story, click here. An hour later, the sun is coming in through the windows. I am running. The sound of rusted metal follows. “American bastard,” rough voices call at my back. The Hollow suit of armor runs beside me. “That was stupid,” it reminds me. I don’t usually run. I am too … Continue reading Descent from Fahrenheit 451°