Daughter of the Sun


Part IV of V.

I back up. The sun stands.

“What are you doing here?” he demands.

“Uhhh,” I inform him. I back up until I hit the wall.

“You–” he stops. he is staring into the closet. He walks closer, frowning.

“Who is that there?”

I look into the closet.

“Uh, that’s kind of why I am here. She was in the park. Someone kidnapped her, I think. She–”

“It can’t be,” The Sun mutters, bending over the girl. He brushes hair from the girl’s face. He steps back. He looks at me.

“You brought her back to me.”

He lunges at me and I scream before finding myself embraced in his warm arms.

“She was taken, so long ago.” he begins to cry. His tears burn through my shirt. I don’t dare move.

Finally, he lets me go. He walks over to the girl.

“Uh, how? How do you know her?” I ask.

The Sun laughs. “She is my daughter.”

He lifts her into his arms. He carries her over to the couch and places her gently down.

“So, you’ve been looking for her?”

The Sun nods, “every summer, without rest.”

“So, what now?”

“Now, she must sleep, then, the wedding.”

I frown. “Uh, what?”

“You saved her, so now you are to be married and you will have half of the sky as your kingdom.”

“Uh-huh, yeah, no thanks.”

The sun turns and stands up.

“What do you mean no thanks?”

I shrink back. “Hm, like I Just wanted to make sure she was okay, and well, this was just a happy coincidence. But really, I’m good. Don’t need half the sky and all that. Not really ready for marriage, plus you know, I think it’s her choice. Two-thousand-seventeen, and all that.”

The Sun crosses his arms.

“Well, you must be rewarded for this service. What is it you desire?”

I think about all the different things I want in the world. Then, I remember.

“I kind of accidentally killed a guy in woods.”

The Sun gives me a curious look.

“It was an accident, seriously. I don’t know what the whole story is. He might have been involved with something with your daughter. I honestly don’t speak enough Russian to understand what was going on there, he might be the spirit of the forest or some shit. But, I suppose I don’t really want to be responsible for a dead guy so, yeah. That. Can you bring him back?”

The Sun smiles, closes his eyes a moment, then opens them. “Done.”

At that, the door opens.


The Sun’s mother walks through. She smiles. Then, looks down at the girl sleeping on the couch. She frowns.

“Our baby girl has returned.”

His mother breaks into an awkward smile.

“How lovely.”

“Isn’t it magnificent?”

His mother takes off her coat and hangs it up.

“Truly,” she says. “Why don’t you go make your mother a cup of tea.”

The Sun nods and skips off into the kitchen. His mother turns to me.

“You idiot,” she growls.


15 replies to “Daughter of the Sun

    1. I’m glad. I really love Russian fairy tales and I read them a lot. So, I decided to incorporate many elements from them. Like The Sun being a person who lives with his mom. A lot of the characters are actually from Russian Fairy Tales, like the Leshy. I just find them so fascinating and wanted to do my own thing with them. I’m happy they are coming off well.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I hope we get to see Baba Yaga’s chicken leg house or a rusalka or two. I wish I had read more of the Russian Fairy tales, but this one sounds like the Three Golden Hairs (of the Devil).

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Me too. I read them almost every day haha. The imagination and the absurdity inspires me so much. So, a little over six months ago I started writing a story every day. My friend encouraged me to put them online to keep myself in check. (I moved to Russia and had a lot of time on my hands.) I met an artist (Nikita) he liked my stories and wanted to practice drawing. So he drew for a few and decided he wanted to try drawing every day for a year. So every day I write a story, then send it to him, he draws a picture and we post. His art is all original and done daily. He fucking great. We live together and spend most of our days in bars working (I’m an editor, he’s a designer). Anyway, long story short, all the art is done by Nikita. He is fantastic. We don’t sell anything but your welcome to print any of them out. We do this to entertain.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Haha, thank you. Hopefully one day we will have bigger projects where we will start selling things. I love living with Nikita because it means art is everywhere. He made giant posters for the three rules of our apartment haha. When we get them framed I’ll put them up on instagram.

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you. Whenever I do a series I try to keep them to a max of five stories and make them into easily consumable parts. Someday I’d like to write a novel that way. All the chapters would be about the length of a flash fiction story. This is my practice.

      Liked by 1 person

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