The Mother of The Sun

Part V of V. “Huh?” I say, staring at The Sun’s mother, my pride diminishing. She is looking down at the girl. “I didn’t even recognize her,” she sighs. “she’s gotten so old.” She turns and looks at me, sad-eyed. “You must understand. My son is a very temperamental man. He goes out, he comes home, he stays out all night then spends seven months cooped … Continue reading The Mother of The Sun

What you Wish For

Alice stood there, short, even for her age; knotty hair, knobby knees, one eye bigger than the other, hidden behind glasses with thick frames and thin lenses; a nose, so much like a button, people poked it constantly, without permission. Living in such a messy body made her sure of few things. Though one, unquestionable thing, remained true. She was better than her brother. Her brother … Continue reading What you Wish For

Chocolate and Poison in my Mother’s Pizza Bread

My mother has a recipe for something she calls Pizza Bread. Take a choice of meat, onions, garlic, pasta sauce and cheese. Roll it all up in a hunk of dough and bake on 400 degrees (230 celsius) for 12-15 minutes. No one told me that we were walking into my mother’s pizza bread. In St. Petersburg, we trod along with the cold and the … Continue reading Chocolate and Poison in my Mother’s Pizza Bread