The Man Who Made Pigs Fly

Interview with Albert Coughlin Location: Washington, D.C. Date: Tuesday, July 25, 2031 COLLINS: Alright Albert, why don’t we just dive right in–oh, I mean, why don’t we get started here. Can you tell our readers what drove you to do this? There are so many theories out there and we can’t begin to cover them all. ALBERT COUGHLIN: Hm–theories, huh? like what? COLLINS: oh, some … Continue reading The Man Who Made Pigs Fly

The Rom-com App

The slideshow for John’s wedding ends. His mother is weeping. His grandmother, doubly so, holds her. I head for the bar. John finds me. “What’d you think?” I pour myself a glass of something brown. “Hm, yeah, it is was good.” “Pour me one of those?” “Yeah.” I do. I take mine down in one. I begin pouring another. “Okay, what’s wrong?” “Nothing.” John laughs. … Continue reading The Rom-com App

Time Travel Inc. – Tech Support

The call center of Time Travel Inc. is easily the most dull part of the building. “At least we’ve got a good view,” Mark says, staring out the window. The crowd of protestors holler insults back at him. Mark gives them the finger. “Don’t do that.” “Why not?” “It’s rude.” Mark laughs. “That is a shit reason.” He makes a face out the window. “Look … Continue reading Time Travel Inc. – Tech Support

Sympathy for Saint Petersburg

(Part 4 of six day series) It’s a lot to take in. We stand outside the factory building and look around. M whistles. The Saint Petersburg we’ve become accustomed to is gone. Buildings flattened under a sky that had finally grown too heavy to bear. Old bricks, full of memories, scattered about, forgotten. A dancer; old, disgraced, and dead; still wearing her shoes. N lights … Continue reading Sympathy for Saint Petersburg