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On May 16, 1955, the Supreme Court issued its landmark Miniatures V. United States ruling, which declared that Miniatures are to be considered individuals.

The decision overturned the 1952 Supreme Court case: Darla V. Mengel’s Miniatures which ruled that Miniatures could not be considered individuals and therefore Darla could not be adopted by the Miniature of her mother.

There have been many individual cases in the interim but none that created as great a public outcry as Gerald Ford’s Miniatures. This has been attributed to several things: the cruelty of the miniatures original master, the court ruling that acquitted them of murder, yet guilty of suicide, in which the idea of them being individuals was introduced during the trial. However, many attribute their success to the Willy Guthrie song “Eight Davids” and his efforts to raise funds, providing the miniatures with their best chance at success.

Whatever the cause, they are Gerald Ford’s Miniatures no longer. Ten, Nine, Eight, Six, Five, Four, Two, and One met an erupting crowd upon exiting the offices of the supreme court yesterday evening. When asked for a comment, Melvin Bell, lawyer and spokesman for the miniatures said:

“My clients are happy to finally be free to pursue a life of their own. And, isn’t that what America is all about? Isn’t that the dream of every individual, The American Dream. Next we will work to make sure all miniatures have fair pay and healthy work conditions. Never again will miniatures have to endure the cruelty that has been inflicted on these poor individuals.”

Within an hour of the court ruling, the president released his miniature along with many other prominent politicians and celebrities. Joseph Mengel has not yet commented on the Supreme Court’s ruling. He has not been seen in the past few months and many believe he has moved Mengel’s Miniatures to China. Mengel, known for his part in defeating the Nazis during the war, has always held the stance that his miniatures are not slaves, that they are You, in the palm of your hand. If that’s true, then it’s about time we start treating ourselves with more respect.


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