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The Day my Therapist Dumped Me

I sat on the street outside my therapist’s office smoking a cigarette. The door was locked so I assumed her to be running a bit late. We had seen each other four times. Talked of parents and childhood and sexual repression. The whole shah-bang. Making progress, I suppose. I waited – five past, ten past – a car makes a sharp U-turn and pulls up … Continue reading The Day my Therapist Dumped Me

Bullies in your Mailbox

I sat in my apartment wondering what the dumbest face I’ve ever made was. My phone rings. “What’s up Hank?” “AH!” “Hank?” “I need you, help!” “Where are you?” “Home.” “On my way.” He doesn’t live far. Five minute drive. He opens his door in a sweaty panic. “They took my car,” he says. “Who?” “The insurance people.” “Why did they take your car?” “I … Continue reading Bullies in your Mailbox