Bullies in your Mailbox

I sat in my apartment wondering what the dumbest face I’ve ever made was. My phone rings. “What’s up Hank?” “AH!” “Hank?” “I need you, help!” “Where are you?” “Home.” “On my way.” He doesn’t live far. Five minute drive. He opens his door in a sweaty panic. “They took my car,” he says. “Who?” “The insurance people.” “Why did they take your car?” “I … Continue reading Bullies in your Mailbox

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Ambidextrous Pornography

  Hank and I sat at the Chinese restaurant near our place. “This place got closed down three times for serving minors,” he tells me, drawing a picture of what looks like an egg. “How does that even happen?” I wonder, tearing a chicken wing in half. Hank shrugs. The waitress passes. “Excuse me?” She turns. “Can I get a mai-tai?” She nods an walks … Continue reading Ambidextrous Pornography