Oranges are Better in Spain

Hank and I walk down a street in Grenada with a group of twenty-somethings. “Woo-hoos” sound so much worse echoing off of two-hundred year old cobblestone, I think. “Woo-hoos sound so much–what?” Hank is looking at the road ahead. I follow his gaze, a man in a ski-mask is half-way out of a car window. Before anyone can react, he starts throwing. The group scatters … Continue reading Oranges are Better in Spain

The Paris Test

We find a Vietnamese place between where I live and Q works. It’s fair since neither of us likes walking too far from where we need to be. “Why are we getting Vietnamese?” he asks. I shrug. “I wanted soup.” “We’re in Russia. They practically invented soup.” “Yeah,” I agree, “but,” I point to the bowl, “this is the only soup they won’t put mayonnaise … Continue reading The Paris Test

A Slippery Slope

D and I sat on the couch binge-watching Sons of Anarchy. I looked over at the fridge. It sat, mocking. “Mehh!” I groaned, longingly, fingers outstretched toward the refrigerator. D nodded, sleepily. He batted the air in the direction of the fridge. “I think we deserve superpowers,” D decided. I curled up further into the corner of the couch. “Mhm.” “Because,” he continued, “we wouldn’t … Continue reading A Slippery Slope

The Worst Art Teacher in Hell

I got a job working in Hell. Lucifer doesn’t speak English, so that’s something. “He understands a bit, so be careful,” the math teacher tells me. We work at the school for kids of wealthier residents. I teach art. There isn’t a Staples in Hell, but there is a printer. I hand out the worksheet; a color by numbers. Lucifer’s son sits in the front … Continue reading The Worst Art Teacher in Hell

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You Wouldn’t Want to Float to China

I was nine when I found out people could fly. It was simple. Just two steps to the left, then up. A girl in my class taught me. Her name was Kelly. She had bangs. “Just like this,” she said, before showing me. I frowned. I followed the motions. I froze. Like a bubble in cola, I floated. I began laughing as I floated. As … Continue reading You Wouldn’t Want to Float to China