Behind the Kitchen Door

Sometimes it is only after I have said something to someone that I realize, I actually said nothing at all. “What?” Harriet asks. “Huh?” “You looked like you were going to say something,” I shake my head. “Sorry, just drunk.” “Sh!” James snaps. We all start giggling. “They are fast asleep,” Harriet consoles James, patting his arm. He smiles, “remember when we were teenagers, in … Continue reading Behind the Kitchen Door

Mr. Important (Flash Travels)

(Sequel to “Knowing too much and Nothing at All” – A Time Travel Story) There is a bar on the Royal Mile in Edinburgh that has live music on Tuesdays. An older couple sing, sometimes their own songs, mostly not. A man, full of booze, grease and hair, my mother later dubbed ‘drunk Jesus’, stumbles over to our table. He mumbles something presumably polite, then … Continue reading Mr. Important (Flash Travels)