The Moss: A New Project from Flash-365

The Moss“Rock, Paper, Scissors, Moss.”   Have you been missing new stories and art from Flash-365? We have. The Moss is a new publication on Medium from Benjamin Davis & Nikita Klimov the author and illustrator of The King of FU and The Babushka Society. Creators of Flash-365. Benjamin Davis is an American author and journalist. He writes a bi-weekly column for Russia Beyond the Headlines: Conversations with Russians. Nikita Klimov is a Russian artist, … Continue reading The Moss: A New Project from Flash-365

The Babushka Society | Now Available!

The Babushka Society is now available! Baba Yaga menaced Russian children for generations, but what would happen if you ran into her in modern-day Russia? The Babushka Society is a demented magical-realism adventure set in the heart of Saint Petersburg, where two young men stumble across a babushka conspiracy, led by Russian fairytales’ stalwart character Baba Yaga, to take the country of Russia back from … Continue reading The Babushka Society | Now Available!

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365 Days Later: End of our Challenge

Day 365, the end. For those of you who didn’t know, this website was a collaborative project between Nikita Klimov and Benjamin Davis. Ben is from Massachusetts, U.S.A., and Nikita is from Moscow, Russia. They both live in St. Petersburg, Russia for some reason no one can ever seem to grasp. Since October 17th, 2016, Ben has written a flash fiction story every day. He … Continue reading 365 Days Later: End of our Challenge

The Paris Test

We find a Vietnamese place between where I live and Q works. It’s fair since neither of us likes walking too far from where we need to be. “Why are we getting Vietnamese?” he asks. I shrug. “I wanted soup.” “We’re in Russia. They practically invented soup.” “Yeah,” I agree, “but,” I point to the bowl, “this is the only soup they won’t put mayonnaise … Continue reading The Paris Test

A Slippery Slope

D and I sat on the couch binge-watching Sons of Anarchy. I looked over at the fridge. It sat, mocking. “Mehh!” I groaned, longingly, fingers outstretched toward the refrigerator. D nodded, sleepily. He batted the air in the direction of the fridge. “I think we deserve superpowers,” D decided. I curled up further into the corner of the couch. “Mhm.” “Because,” he continued, “we wouldn’t … Continue reading A Slippery Slope