Pigeons & Prozac

Crazy coo’ comics, podcast readings, and more!

Hello everyone,

I’ve started collaborating with Lady Prozac. She is a super talented illustrator from Russia who will be working with me to create some awesome comics on Patreon.

For example, our first comic was Kids These Days

Coming up, we will be adapting my What Happened When Frank Died column in Talk Vomit into phone-friendly scrolling comics.

Each episode will be released for free every month on our website.

So why Patreon?

Well, for one, it helps us to continue our work and have more time to create more stories faster.

Also, patrons (starting at $1) will get to see updates and bonus content about each episode as they get made and be able to read them early.

If you’re feeling extra generous. $5 Patrons will receive access to full podcast episodes, lots of digital downloads, and some fun extras like postcards and stickers. For $10 Lady Prozac will draw a portrait of you and I will write you a fake biography. For $20 you’ll be my mom or dad and I’ll love you both forever.

So, whether you want to support us financially or not, check us out. There will be lots of content coming soon for free either way. In the meantime, enjoy Kids These Days and, if you haven’t read any of What Happened When Frank Died, check out the column in Talk Vomit.

Thank you for your ongoing support and readership.

Take me to Pigeons & Prozac’s Patreon!


Misery Pigeon

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