Best of Flash-365

Hi everyone,

I received some emails about the site being a bit hard to navigate and people asking for a more concise list. We created 365 stories and 365 pieces of art from October 2016-October 2017. It is a lot to sift through.

So, I’ve put together a “best of” list below. Each of the titles is a link, hope this helps:

The Most Beautiful Thing I’ve Ever Seen

Cheese and Handcuffs

Knowing Too Much and Nothing at All

The Drunk Collar

Hungry Hungry Hippo

Those Summer Nights

The Sailor with Seraphim Lips

Happy Fourth, Mr. President

The Scream

The Art of a Hug

I’m a Good Person

The Big Beautiful Cock

The Meaning of Life on the Inside of a Dark Chocolate Wrapper

John Had a Headache

God’s TED Talk

Moving Day

Steal my Sunshine

To Kill the Goose That Laid the Golden Eggs

Mr. Sandman

The Airport

Kids These Days

How I Broke my Leg

The Goldfish Express

DEATH’s Mistake

The Paris Test

It Took Me Seven Minutes to Write this Story

Things I’d Never Say Out Loud

Forty Cents Worth of a Story

The Art of the Wave

The Playlist at my Mother’s Funeral

The Day my Therapist Dumped Me

There Be a Troll

Do Not Stand in the Wind

The Rhino is Off the Wall

A Half-Drunk Mug of Tea

They Can’t Get You if You’re Already Running

A Pickle

House of Frozen Brides

The Amber of the Moment

Thank you for reading. If I missed any that you like, please let me know in the comments.

– Flash 365

8 thoughts on “Best of Flash-365

    1. no problem. I wanted to find some way to make finding specific works more accessible. Wasn’t sure which to choose, hope these ones give a solid representation of our work as a whole.


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