UPDATES: Our First Book. Need WHWFD Readers.

Hi everyone,

Sorry, Nikita haven’t posted anything in a while. I thought I’d update everyone on a few things.

1- Our first book ‘The King of FU’ is finished and on its way to the publisher this weekend. It should be out soon, ironing out all of the wrinkles.

2- What Happened When Frank Died: Beta-test? If that’s what you’d call it. Anyone who would like, I have compiled the Frank stories into a novella. If anyone is interested in reading it and then answering a few questions at the end, please contact us with a request and we will send you the document. You can just read and answer questions but if you have any further comments or edits along the way, feel free to make notes and comments.

3- I have been working with my friend Anie (Marvel) on a fully illustrated adult fairy tale from our short story ‘The Fox and The Bear.’ It’s looking awesome and that should be out sometime in the next couple months. For a story we did together where she drew a picture and I wrote a story based on that picture (essentially the reverse of what Nikita and I did) Check it out tomorrow: HERE

4- I have a new website focused solely on my writing: benjamindaviswriter.com. You can head over there if you want to follow along with any side projects I do.

5- We are contributing some stories and artwork to Dan Alatorre’s Humor Anthology which will be out at the beginning of 2018. There will be stories like ‘Hogwarts Rejection Letter, It Took me Seven Minutes to Write this Story,’ and a few others. So, if you don’t see those stories here on the site it is because I took them down for copyright purposes.

Happy Thanksgiving for those back home,

– Flash 365


    1. Just sent them out. And yeah It’s been kinda crazy. I also just got a new job working as a journalist and it’s allll day so that plus all this, my eyes sleep but my brain is in overdrive right now. Hopefully it all pays off.

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