What Happened When Frank Died: The Trial



We are currently compiling, editing and reworking the Frank stories into a novella. Once this process is finished we will be looking for readers to get an idea if people like the final product. If you’d like to be one of the first readers of the What Happened When Frank Died Novella, please send us a message in the CONTACT section of this site.

Thank you for reading,

Ben & Nikita


  1. wow, a torn ear is hard! And Charly understood that Frank was his father? But why do they have to go to the same place? This is another excellent story to puzzle. Thank you very much for sharing all your facinating stories. As I already told you once, if I have still the possibility, I´l read them again and again and I´m shure, that I always will discover new details until I got all! I just go with writing, writing, words words words. you are a great a great artist!

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    1. It is kind of up to you why they have to go to the same place. there are any number of reasons, any number of trials they might both be a part of. I’m glad you’ve enjoyed them. Soon we will be putting them all together into a book and editing them and really fine tuning everything. When we do that we will be asking for people to read the whole thing. So, if you’d like that, I’ll announce it when we decide to do it

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      1. It happend again…you delete the other comment?….: )

        ohhh, that would be fantastic and a great honor if I could read everything then. Although I am not the fastest reader, I am certainly happy with it. Just let me know …:)

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    1. Yes. But they are being compiled and edited and then if people want I will send them out in their updated versions to get some feedback. Once they’re done do you want me to email them to you?


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