24 replies to “Guys You Meet at the Bellagio Buffet

  1. What’s this? hahaha, I’m sorry, that I always have to laugh. It is just always so incredibly crazy at first sight .
    Very good with many profound sentences and / or funny phrases. What a brilliant invention this anti-strip club. Who likes to go to a strip club? But an anti-strip club is a good thing. Get rid of the old image and a new one ….. yes healing arms … we even help, but keep the most important thing, the naked woman, just twisted order ….. twisted like!
    I have to ponder my favorite saying of Pippi Longstocking “I make the world, as I like it” I believe…. once again go through the head.
    She danced in the way a piece of asparagus falls on the ground, but sexier …. we had something similar in an older story … she danced like a brick as falling in a boat … or something like that ….

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    1. Haha I am glad you enjoyed it. Also I never read any pippi longstocking as a kid but she sounds quite profound. And yeah I think you’re right. In the story “the party of today” but I can’t remember exactly what was in there

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      1. Astrid Lindgren is one of my favorit childrenbookauthors. Pippi is fun,for me, her slogan was always a great example….but here, with you I realize, that this slogan does not work always….there can be born things like anti-strip-clubs…: )

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      2. I wanted to reread “the party of today” but could not find it, do you know the date?… I think it was a street party, a woman spilled the beer and danced around a cute, curled child, in a strange way … you observed it from a restaurant?

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    2. I hope it came through, that I really think such an ati-strip-club is totally weak-minded….just watching the film of stripping girl backwards and create the right to make the opposite in naming.But a really grandios,cheap idea, Flash!


      1. Hahaha thank you. Honestly I only ever read his forward to infinite jest then, honestly didn’t get all the way through infinite jest. But from the forward I did but one of his books but I haven’t been home since. If you’d recommend him I’ll see if I can find a copy of something of his here in russia. Or maybe online.

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      2. I’ve only read the expert from A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius, but what I read was just….bliss: great black humor, brutal sadness, complicated relationships… You can find the excerpt online.
        Also, who the hell *could* get through DFW masturbatory (as my mother described it)Infinite Jest?? Loved all his essays, though, especially Trip to the Fair (in the Atlantic, I think) and his essay on tennis great Federer. Glorious.

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      3. haha yeah I have read and enjoyed a couple of his essays and shorter works. I haven’t read trip to the fair though. I will find it and I will look for some Eggers. An excerpt if I can’t find a full book.

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  2. Superb. Great concept, great writing and just a cool story. The line “She danced in the way a piece of asparagus falls on the ground, but sexier” could be the funniest and most-weirdly-perfect line I’ve ever read!!

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