1. I am always looking forward to a new story every day. Today, however, I have really problems in understanding. Either it is very particularly oblique or I am extremely unimaginative today. Twice looked in the wrong direction, then a dodging maneuver and then at home googled dyslexia ????? The wrong look and perhaps the dyslexia-related conceptuality revenges itself in the end at the puddle jumping on the street …. there he broke his foot or?
    Oha, it seems to me this time are infinitely many detais hidden !. The Puddle Jumpers-chatroom whose content only insider understand, I can blindly understand. Whereby the puddle jumping course has its own quality and according to the story at the end stillprocured two big twists, that is gorgeous! (by the way in german “splendid” is “herrlich” = “manful” and “stupid” is “dämlich” = “ladyful” …;) …)
    And the Doctors theory is gigantic, a mirrored world is to blame Dyslexia. But one thing is already clear, it is twisted already the world!
    I guess this will be my favorite story when I understand it….: )

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    1. Yes the character is worried he is dyslexic. But more in the way you get worried about cancer when you have a toothache. He just looked the wrong way but then got engrossed in this forum and became curious about the theory and so he then went puddle jumping and in the end he looks the wrong way again but it’s not certain whether it’s because the puddle jumping is real or he just made a mistake again and it’s implied that he gets hit by a car and breaks his leg

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      1. oh God, flash, I could laugh tears. O.K. I understood it like this more or less. A great cause research … I had not assumed that he had looked wrong again, but it makes sense …; ) …. I was wondering if every puddle reflects the world again …like right, wrong, right, wrong…and than the question who defines right or wrong…it is the narrator who is speaking!….hahaha… these thoughts are definitely too complicated for me. Poor guy, no matter if it comes from bouncing or that he made a mistake … because he is certainly not aware of his mistake!

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