As Good a Time as Any


On the day immortality was invented, my grandfather threw himself off a fifteen story building. I was there, we all were there. Mom was crying.

He sat on the edge off the roof. He gave us a long speech about life that I don’t remember much of. I do remember that mom was crying and at the end of his speech, she asked only, “why?”

My Grandfather, who moved well for his age, stood up and sighed. “Honestly, I was just waiting for all the assholes to die,” his eyes lingered on my step-father for a noticeable moment. Then, he sighed again. “But,” he continued, “it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen, now.”

My aunt, unmoved, grunted. “Childish,” she muttered. My Grandfather hugged her anyways. He hugged everyone. He came to me last, the youngest. He didn’t hug me, he looked down.

“Whatever comes next for you, it isn’t life,” he told me. He walked to the edge, turned and looked around at all of us.

“Oh well,” he said, and jumped–the best an old man can jump. It was enough. He fell even as my aunt cried “don’t!”

I couldn’t hear him hit the pavement.

By the time we ran and looked down, he was already there, a crowd was forming. A little girl stood over him, she looked up. She didn’t seem too bothered.

In fact, no one did.

15 replies to “As Good a Time as Any

  1. She didn’t seem to bothered.. In fact no one did..I know that’s why I hold on because too many people would be bother.. Great story.. Stay Strong..


  2. I would like to say “Well, there were better stories”, just because I do not want your title fit to my comment, but I unfortunately find this story succeeded ..; )
    The first sentence relativizes everything. The story is cruel and macabre. A suicide as a birthday celebration, the only reason to live was to die after the assholes. The self-assassination does not concern anyone.
    The message? Cold-heartedness? Or is it only to show the immense significance of immortality? A beautiful illustration!

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      1. Ohh, but immortality is like infinity hard to imagine. If we assume that we are immortal, and our present life has an effect upon death, then we would surely behave differently. The importance of the current life would get less weight with regard to the whole.

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    1. That’s fantastic to hear. Thank you so much from both of us. We really try to do our best to make these as good as they can be and it’s always encouraging to know that we are keeping someone entertained.

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