An Angel Moment


In LA there is a pleasant little gated apartment complex. In that complex there is a building, it is ten stories high. The sign outside says BUILDING 34. Inside that building there is an elevator. Inside that elevator there is a pizza delivery man. He is holding a bag. I think you know what’s in the bag.

“Smells good,” my brother tells the pizza man.

The pizza man looks down at his bag and chuckles, “anything fried with melted cheese on it smells good.”

We nod our agreement.

“Tastes good, too,” my brother notes.

The pizza guy sighs, looking down at his bag. We have almonds in the apartment, I remember.

“Temporary satisfaction puts you in an early grave,” the pizza guy says.

The smell is starting to stick to the walls, to our clothes, it is intoxicating. We all stare at the bag.

“Mhm,” I manage.

“It’s sad but true,” my brother tells the bag.

The pizza guy nods, “sad but true,” he whispers.

The doors open, a floor below ours. The Pizza man steps out. He turns as he does. He nods, we nod.

We ride the rest of the way up, an eternity in a pizza flavored sauna. When the doors open we both rush out and take a deep breath of old carpet and semi-fresh paint. The doors close and the elevator descends.

“Temporary satisfaction puts you in an early grave?”

My brother nods, “do you think this was one of those angel moments?”

“Angel moments?” I ask.

He nods, “you know, in movies where an angel disguises itself in order to tell the main character exactly what they need to hear.”

I get the idea, I nod. “Well, then who is the main character?”

He starts walking towards his apartment, “you’re the smoker.”

“And what does that make you?”

“The guy who is about to order pizza.”



      1. There is wisdom when the pizza man is an angel. But then something else should have to follow, or? After all, he can not distribute devilware and only send his message to individual people. Or is wisdom going in the direction of preaching a thing but not living it? probably, the second, right?

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    1. yes the end is very hot! The reasoning is interesting. Smokers are always the ones that are meant because they are weak? But maybe it is not even the question who is the main character anymore. Maybe the question ist already, who finally orders the pizza, after made the mouth water? … hmmm you could relate not only to pizza, but to all sorts of things … “and do not lead us in temptation?” … “Temporary satisfaction puts you in an early grave”.


      1. I love the creativity and ambiguity, which is synonymous in the pictures, although I, of course, no one want to experience such scenes … Nikita seems to have had a very individual interpretation this time, but certainly not meant maliciously.

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  1. oha, I had today the second half of the pizza I had ordered 2 days ago … hahaha . I am very amused Flash and especially I liked the “Angel moment”. Reminds me of the television series in the 1980th that I loved “Highway to Heaven”. Otherwise there are probably again the whole “nice and great people” who work there in the BUILGING 34 pizzaeating way. I think the Pizzaman/ Angel was glad to be out of the building again.

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