It Took me Seven Minutes to Write This Story



I spent twenty minutes today trying to catch a fly between two fingers.

I’ll just write that again,

I spent twenty minutes today trying to catch a fly between two fingers.

It took just over fourteen minutes to get Ronald Reagan to the hospital after he’d been shot.

It took Martin Luther King seven minutes to write the first draft of his “I have a Dream” speech; thirteen minutes on the second draft.

It takes Gordon Ramsay just under sixteen minutes to make a three course meal.

It took Jesse James and average of four minutes and twelve seconds to rob a bank.

It took Harry Houdini less than eleven minutes to escape a straitjacket on his first attempt.

It took Leonardo Davinci nineteen minutes to paint both eyes on the Mona Lisa.

It took Alexander the Great a little over seventeen minutes to burn Persepolis to the ground.

It took John Lennon nine minutes to write ‘Imagine’–three minutes to set the melody. That’s only twelve minutes.

None of these things are true, but still–I spent  twenty minutes today trying to catch a fly between two fingers.



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  1. wow, a very light and fresh story. I was definitely relieved when I read the last sentence, otherwise I would have probably fallen in a big hole. I am also a master of catching flys and similar things. I interpret like this: In a time that is getting faster, you should keep your own time better in order for not to go under?
    We would have a twist in the Victory illustration. Everything again very cleverly written Flash and I rather not ask how long you needed ….

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    1. Haha thank you. Yeah I wouldn’t have thought of it except I really was trying to catch a fly between two fingers and suddenly stopped and thought…”what a silly thing I’m doing right now” and I started to make other things up. I’m glad it came out well

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  2. So did you give up after twenty minutes or did you catch the fly after twenty minutes? Either outcome is possible if you tried for twenty minutes. If you did not catch the fly, then it also has a story to tell.
    “I was able to elude two human fingers for twenty minutes! Top that, Sparky!”

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