Help Us Keep the Lights On

Driving to high school every morning, my brother and I would listen to NPR; he had an interest in world news and I had a brother. I remember they’d do a thing–once a year, maybe. They’d do a fund raiser. If I thought NPR was boring, NPR on a fundraising spree: doubly so. I’d say, “God, can we turn this shit off, they are just asking for money!” And my brother, the driver, would say, “If we don’t fund the people who create good content, then they’ll all become veterinarians.” Or, maybe he didn’t say that, maybe he said, “Stop picking your nose and wiping it on the seat!” I don’t remember. Either way, he had a point.

So, we started a PATREON account because–well, we are struggling artists and our land-lady doesn’t except struggling art.

Flash-365 and our art and stories there is, and always will remain free. What we want to do on PATREON is to create new content.

Starting at the end of our Flash 365 Challenge (October 16th) we will start our new project which we will announce then.

To gain access, it is only 1 dollars/month (however, you can donate as much as you want, I promise we won’t stop you.) This will get you access to anything we publish there and also help us to keep Flash-365 up and running.

If you’d like to donate just click “Become a Patron,” this will lead you to a sign up page where you can choose how much you’d like to contribute.

Check it out by clicking HERE

This ends our daily broadcast fundraiser, thank you for your time.

-Flash 365


  1. I only just signed up last month on Patreon, pledging a paltry $5.00 a month. Now I’m going to raise it to $10.00, because I adore you guys, I truly believe in you and your work and that I’ll one day see your art and a short story in the The New Yorker, but mostly because I’m job hunting and really need the good karma. 😉
    As always, you guys ROCK.

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    • haha thank you so much. You’ve been so supportive from the beginning. I hope you know that anything we publish in the future is coming to you, signed with thank yous. We get contemplative sometimes and wonder if we will get anywhere but you always make me feel like we can. After october is going to be a big step for us to see if we can make writing and art into out living. I truly hope we are good enough to get there. Thank you, always.

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  2. I wish you all the best and a lot o luck, but I´m sure you´ll have sucess! I love reading your stories, altough it takes still a lot of time, because of the language. But I´m sure this is getting better and better as I get more used in reading english.

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    • Haha no actually our friend was visiting from Moscow and she said she thought we should try to do something on patreon. It’s a site for crowdfunding artists. I don’t know if we will get much support there. It’s hard to turn art into money but Nikita and I want to be able to do this full time so we figured it was worth a try. We don’t want to do ads or anything but wanted to offer the option for people to support us financially of they felt like it. We will start doing a different project on that site in December. But for now it’s just to support us here. It would be great to make enough to just pay for the WordPress subscription so that even after our project ends we can keep the site up for people. Can’t hurt… I guess was our thinking

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