What Happened When Frank Died: The Election



We are currently compiling, editing and reworking the Frank stories into a novella. Once this process is finished we will be looking for readers to get an idea if people like the final product. If you’d like to be one of the first readers of the What Happened When Frank Died Novella, please send us a message in the CONTACT section of this site.

Thank you for reading,

Ben & Nikita


    1. Hmmm. Well… I guess people like us. I look for others on WordPress that have similar interests. I interact with people. We have a consistent posting schedule and a set goal. We work every day on what we do and I’d like to think we are good at what we do so people come back and people follow. If you want I can take a look at a post you really like and let you know what I think?

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  1. thank you Thunder Poet, that´s interessting! From witch story do you speak, I think I did not read a story with Melanie, yet. Sara wears blue dresses. I tought about this several times, because I just read, that the colour blue connects Divine, Heavenly and Earthly.It´s the color of faith and fidelity.

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  2. A really devilish story, Flash. The “the election” is a very good title and the story screams formally after the spoils! Charlie as a hate preacher against God? He seems to be popular, and only the old people who are closest to death want to be God elected, but they do not fight (we are probably already in hell anyway).
    The polling clerc / concubine is probably Sara. She probably made the wrong choice, at least you would believe that, because she is wearing the blue dress. I am thrilled about your smart telling story flash and I think there are endless things to discover in this story

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