Why I’m Alone in a Bar


The bar has become more smell than noise.

It is late. She is charming and pretty. The conversation has hit a lull. We’ve been drinking a while now.

“Tell me something,” she says.

“Anything?” I ask.

She smiles, she nods. I think, for a moment.

“Okay, so, when I was eleven, I had a dog,” I begin, suddenly and with drunken charisma, “her name was Lucy. One night, my school was having some festival. For exotic foods, or something. We were about to leave and my mother asked me to let the dog out.”

I pause. Somewhere inside of me a sober man frowns.

“Uh, so, I let her out. But, she was the kind of dog that likes to jump fences. So, we had a lead to put her on. Well, I always forgot, and I forgot that night. I was too excited and rushed. So, Lucy jumped the fence, of course.”

She is smiling, hand to chin, obviously unaware of where this is going. Yet, I continue, “so, I run around to the front. I see Lucy dash down the driveway. She heads straight for the road. I called out to her. She turned. A car ran right over her.”

When I finish, the woman is staring at me. Bless her, she is still smiling. A fragile, slipping smile. A smile, waiting for a punchline. I open my mouth. I close it. I look down at my hands and sigh. I look back at her.

“Anyways, uh…yeah–I loved that dog,” I add.

“Oh,” she says. She frowns, still trying to smile. It looks painful. She stands up.

“That was weird,” she says. I nod. She leaves.

I put my face in my hands. I look up and see the bartender, staring, mouth open.

“What the hell is wrong with me?” I ask him.

He just shakes his head then, he too, leaves.


15 thoughts on “Why I’m Alone in a Bar

  1. I love this piece so much. “Somewhere inside of me a sober man frowns.” Brill, mate.
    You captured a moment so real. It’s both entertaining & horrible. I want to be at that bar & react differently than the awful woman & crap barkeep!
    You captured the isolation of honesty. It’s perfect. Thank you.

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  2. Oh, that’s a hard story. So I can myself almost call the personified misunderstanding, when it comes to language barriers. But nobody can be as stupid as this woman. Or she’s dishonest to the bone and just want to be liked.
    Both is bad! Your dog history is very touching, something like this happens and it’s in your head and it wants out … Stories do not have to be always entertaining and cheerful, they can also just be sad.
    I’ll give you my worst pet story. Kiki, my budgerigar, did not really well tolerate the move to the rough Alb. My parents were on vacation and Kiki has always fallen off the shelf … I put her over an hour again and again on the rod, until she has just fluttered on the ground … I was afraid went into another room And hid my head under a pillow. After a long time I slipped back into the room … she was dead .. I was 13! I can not forgive myself to this day.

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    1. aw. that is tough. especially being 13. There are so many stories I think back on from that age and feel guilty for. but it’s so hard to know at the time. I’m sure that when I’m older I will look back on my life now and not be able to forgive myself for things. who knows. But thank you for the story. I’m glad I’m not alone in these feelings.

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      1. I´m sure many people share these feelings! And for sure there will always be things that you would later have made different … hahaha, in my case, this later is often the next day!

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  3. awesome picture! The eyes of the dog!!!!!!!!!! The sober man inside, knew that drinking is not the best idea to have a nice evening? Well, at least frustration-booze is bad but very common. I wonder why, because everything bad becomes even worse and the likelihood that something extremely stupid happens is very high.

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