Things I’d Never Say Out Loud



I’ve fixed my hair after seeing my own shadow.

I’ve thought about killing a complete stranger.

I’ve picked my nose in the bathroom, on a date.

I’ve walked past a starving man, eating a sandwich.

I’ve let the water run in the bathroom so people outside will think I washed my hands.

I’ve watched an animal die and felt nothing.

Getting into a car, I’ve hit my head on the door, then, in a second attempt, hit my head on the door frame.

I’ve thought about killing myself; a gun, probably.

When something falls off the counter and I move my foot just in time to avoid it, I’m impressed with myself.

I’ve watched the news over dinner–hundreds dead. I’ve kept eating.

I’ve played with my own nipples for an embarrassing amount of time.

I’ve lied for money, for sex, to make people like me–to make people like me that I disliked.

I’ve danced with myself in the mirror and thought, not bad.

I’ve been scared of someone because they looked different than me.

I’ve licked my own arm to see if I need a shower or not.

This list will get longer, I’m sure. But, no one will ever know. Because they are things I’d never say out loud.



26 thoughts on “Things I’d Never Say Out Loud

  1. I’ve been scared of someone who looked just like me, because of how the media portrayed them. I would never tell them that, though. They were probably scared of me too! 🙂 Just wondering, how does the taste of your arm indicate whether or not you need a shower? I enjoyed reading this list. We must all do these things, if they are so relatable.

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    1. A great exceptional post, Flash. I also think everyone should write such lists. There is certainly a lot of consistency and is external
      Interesting to read! It is strange how many things you are talking about, because you simply change it.
      But, no one will ever know. Because they are things I’d never say out loud…you are right…: )

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  2. Darn it. Saynotoclowns said it first. A brave write indeed! I have a list like that too. But I don’t even want to take it out of the file labeled “Dull Stuff No One Will Ever Want to Read” and put it on my blog. Even if no one will hear.

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