Friends Dying is Expensive


Friends dying is expensive, I think, looking down our bar tab.

“You going to take care of this?”

DEATH raises an eyebrow at me. “Seriously?”

“You’re the one who recommended I go to a bar,” I accuse her.

She rolls her eyes. “Yes, but I’m just a widdle girl,” she says, rolling a few hairs around her index finger.

I sigh and place down some cash.

“Let’s go.”

DEATH gets up and follows. She is barely up to my waist. The bartenders watch us go, relieved. Outside DEATH holds out her hand. I pass her a cigarette. An old woman walking by glares at me. DEATH gives her the finger, “I’ll see you on the fifteenth,” she says, darkly. The old woman scampers off, wrinkled and pale.



“Why’d you tell her that?”

DEATH looks up, innocent. “Tell her what?”

“When she was going to die. That’s–I don’t know, cruel.”

“Oh give me the lighter.” I pass it over. “How am I supposed to know when that old bitch is going to die.”

“But you just told her the fifteenth?”


“Why’d you do that.”


I frown. “So, you don’t know when people die?”

DEATH shakes her head.

“How, how are you there then?”

“I’m everywhere, always,” DEATH says, matter of fact.

I look out on the street. “Huh–” I decide. “Were you there when Rick died?”

“Whose Rick?”

“Are you serious? It’s the reason we’re here. My friend, you know?”

DEATH gives me a blank stare.

“Hung himself? No, nothing?”

DEATH shrugs.

“You’re the worst,” I remind her.

She smiles.

I kill a few more drags, “So?”

“So, what?” DEATH asks.

“Were you there or not?”


“With Rick, to–I don’t know, show him the way?”

DEATH looks up without humor. “People like him already know where to go.”

I don’t like the sound of that. I don’t know why. I throw my cigarette down. DEATH watches it burn down and the tosses hers just a bit further.

“You’re boring when you’re sad,” DEATH grumbles.

I don’t respond. She shrugs, “I’m going to go scare the crap out of that old woman some more.”

She starts to walk off, stops, turns.

“Hey?” she calls. I ignore her.

She waves both dainty little hands. “Hey…Hey!”

I turn. “What?”

“Did I say the fourteenth or the fifteenth?”


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31 thoughts on “Friends Dying is Expensive

  1. A pleasure to read, Flash, like always! Well I wished I would already know more about death…this little girls death. But I´ll give a try to comment. Death seems to be a very jealous person , who enjoys very much, to fear people. Hmm jealousy does not really fit in my picture of this cool and resigned woman.
    But here, she turns out to be a really irritating bastard.
    My advice for Frank. Jolly her along, if she is around. Don´t be sad. She does not like this, and will do even worse things.

    I didn´t get the translation for “drag”…what did Frank kill?
    Well this time it seems, that Frank is really a little bit angry with death. I think, because he liked his friend Rick.
    And for the title? Expensive, because it costs his happyness? But this seems to be too easy…….

    Liked by 1 person

      1. o.k. I read once again, and I do not know, if it is, because i just read before ” Hell of a cough”, but somehow, “death” reminds me this time at the bitchy fake teeth….if not I have to wait for other comments…but I will note some more characterproperties…..jealousy and I think also tenacious…she can not stop when she get ignored and go on to taunt.
        …..ähäm…and the sentence “I kill a few more drags, “So?”” you do not want to explain, right?

        Liked by 1 person

      2. ah. sorry no, “kill a few drags” is just an expression for taking some drags off a cigarette. “to kill” something is often used in english to say ‘finish something consumable.’ like ‘kill your beer’.

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you. I never thought I’d be writing this much. None of these characters existed in my head even one year ago and now I can’t stop writing about them. I’m glad to hear when people enjoy them as much as I do.

      Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you. I do love writing about her. I hope to have a lot more to do with her in the future. She crosses all of my story lines as the same character. So, she shows up in unexpected places all the time. I don’t know how to grow it into something bigger but I will certainly be having more stories with her as time goes on.

      Liked by 2 people

    1. Haha thank you. Yeah, she is certainly sassy. There are some other stories involving her character if you look under ‘series’. I am a big fan of dark humor as well so I have a tendency to play on similar themes quite often.

      Liked by 1 person

    2. to compare death with a pack of cigarettes, let me think, she might be kind of a drug. In fact, hating, that she exist, but on the other hand, you are happy when she is next to you.

      Liked by 1 person

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