Flash Back: July

Hi, for those of you who haven’t seen ‘Flash-backs’ before; at the end of each month I make a post highlighting five stories we are most proud of along with some details as to what inspired them. Hope you enjoy them.

(Click the titles to link to the stories)

1 – Happy Fourth, Mr. President: This is a story I’d wanted to write for a long time. I started to feel like the political situation in America was starting to feel like a Vonnegut novel. So, I decided to write a story as though it were. It took me so long to write this because Vonnegut is one of my biggest inspirations and I knew I had to write the story from his perspective. It was a bit daunting to try and put myself into the head of someone I find so brilliant and unique. I don’t think I captured Vonnegut but I am happy that it turned out to be a decent story all the same.

2- John Had a Headache: I think the inspiration for this one is pretty obvious. None of this is autobiographical except for the fact that I did used to sit in my driveway reading The Time Machine and promise myself I’d come back an wave. Okay–okay, I still do that sometimes. I never remember when, though. That’s probably why my future self hasn’t come back, yeah, probably that.

3- The Meaning of Life on the Inside of a Dark Chocolate Wrapper: I wrote this kind of on a whim. I was in Finland for a while and met some really funny people. One of them was a woman who told us all about how much she loves big sexy men. So, her birthday was the next day and I had nothing to give her as a present. The version she got is a bit different–a few inside jokes and things that I had to change for a larger audience. It was my first go at erotica and I had a lot of fun with it.

4- The Art of a Hug: This story is almost entirely true. While I was in Finland I worked at a summer camp with teenagers. I am not a very emotionally expressive person and I get quite uncomfortable when strangers touch me. So, multiple hug sessions were quite terrifying. But, by the time I left I was much more open to it. I think adults can learn a lot from kids, they are shitty liars.

5- The Walk: The Art of the Wave: Hm…this story is an embarrassingly accurate account of a walk I went on in Finland.

Alright, that’s all. If there are any stories you think I should have mentioned, please let me know in the comments below.

Thanks for reading,

Flash 365


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