A Baby? Some Groceries? Maybe Drugs…


I shouldn’t have worn a hat. You never can trust the weather here, though. I am listening to Prince.

A Babushka eyes my hat suspiciously as she rolls by. She is wearing a raspberry beret; the kind you’d find at a second hand store.

Life is weird, I think.

Up ahead, a man is trying to find the sidewalk. He swoops left, then right. He is drooling. A woman in yoga pants dodges him. It throws him off. He falls onto a knee-high metal fence, gut-first. He lays there, like a rag-doll.

I look at him and a firework of thoughts goes through my mind.

I watch one where I walk over, I help the man to his feet. He socks me on the jaw. In another, he stabs me, another, we hug and I buy him lunch. In another I stand there like a fool, holding him. In another, he dies. In one, I see myself giving him money.

He rolls off the fence and sits on the curb. He groans as I pass. He looks down at his hands. I can smell him in the sunshine.

Up ahead, three preteen girls push a carriage. One is holding a small dog.

I wonder what is in the carriage.

12 replies to “A Baby? Some Groceries? Maybe Drugs…

      1. ohhh fine, a good idea of illustration…a puzzled head…some pieces are missing..I interpret this as a good sign…hahaha!

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    1. Haha I’m sure one day I’ll sit down and look at a blank page and suddenly go… ohhhh shit. Hopefully not before October 16th. But also this is just my flash fiction. I have a few novels I’ve written that need to be reworked so hopefully if I suddenly find the bottom of the bottle of my brain, I can work on projects I’ve already started while my mind recharges. But I’m inspired mostly by people so as long as people don’t go extinct any time soon I will hopefully be able to keep it up.

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      1. I’m sure you will. I sometimes get stuck for something and then I read someone else and see a thread of comments and all of a sudden I haven’t got time ‘cos I have too many to write.

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