The Meaning of Life on the Inside of a Dark Chocolate Wrapper



**A friend asked me if I ever write erotica. I said no, but decided to give it my best shot anyways…

Samantha sat over a cup of soft coffee, pondering the meaning of life; there were charts, tables, graphs, quotes, poems, and even the wrapper for a bar of dark chocolate.

Samantha sighed. She turned. A man stood in her door. Half of her breath took a walk.

He was big in every way you want a man to be big, and not in any way you don’t. His name was Steve, because sometimes big guys are named Steve.

“I’m Steve,” Steve said, his voice sounding and resounding as the Liberty Bell might have.

“…” Samantha said.

Steve smiled; it was the first and last smile ever created by God–the rest were made in China. Steve stepped forward, he wore only pants and oil. Samantha could feel his heat before he was half-way to her.

“Wha–” she began. But Steve’s smile ate the rest of her words. He bent down and picked her up in one arm. Samantha pressed a hand into his chest; it reminded her of the first time she touched a horse. His heart beat–hers ran.

“Wait,” she whispered.

Steve kissed her neck.

“For what,” he whispered to every cell in her body. Samantha took a breath. “I need to know the meaning of life first,” she managed. Steve understood, because just as some men named Steve are big, some big men are understanding.

Steve placed Samantha down.

They both turned to the charts, tables, poems and quotes. Steve reached out and ran his finger over the wrapper of dark chocolate. Then, from somewhere Samantha would find out about later, Steve pulled a pair of glasses.

As it turned out, Steve was a genius, because just as some men are understanding, some understanding men are also geniuses.

Within ten-minutes Samantha and Steve discovered the meaning of life. Then, without waiting to say it aloud, Samantha took off Steve’s pants. When she did, she was startled by a childhood memory; her and her friend Helen had found a thick log by the river. They had dragged it out into the current and laid on it, drifting along with the sun; it was big enough to keep them both afloat.

Samantha smiled, it was a good memory.

Then, with one small finger, two teeth and a tongue, Steve removed Samantha’s clothes. He held her close.

“Put your sexy mouth on my mouth,” he cooed–the most manly of coos.

And, of course, Samantha did.


43 replies to “The Meaning of Life on the Inside of a Dark Chocolate Wrapper

  1. Well, do not know much about erotic stuff. But this was hot, I liked it, and it is definitely erotic. Erotic is something privat between two persons for me. There is no dependence to looking, style or any optical stuff. Erotic can already start, in shaking hands or just a look directly in the eyes. I think erotic is one of the most abused words.

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  2. Steve seems like an all rounder, to be honest.
    But I have to say, is this really supposed to be erotica? If yes, then I don’t think I really knew the true meaning of it. EROTICAS ARE HILARIOUS. I’ve read couple of eroticas before, but yours was the best.
    Well, the rest are made in China. XD 😉

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    1. hahaha thank you very much. I have personally not read erotica so I was kind of just going based on what I assume erotica is. I can’t imagine erotica without a sense of humor. That would be far to silly.

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  3. how to come out of this trouble now? Hmmm no idea! My idea of erotic I will not change. but I definetly have to add something to the plot. Samantha is a stupid girl, who can´t concentrate on the things she wants to do. She will definetly need lot of time to find the meaning of life when she messes around with every Steve. Well, I do not have the impression, that “Steves” are interresting persons anyway.

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    1. Yeah. I mean, this story was very much just written for humor. There are a lot of different ways you might interpret the characters but my intentions were purely to try and make people laugh a bit.

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      1. o.k. so I´m curious, for other comments. I know that your intentions are always purely. You succeeded. Sorry if I left a wrong impression…stupid mess in my brain….

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      2. Haha no not at all. Sometimes I have intentions sometimes no. And sometimes in cases like this I just want to make people laugh and if they get any more from it, all the better.

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  4. Seems like this is N’s technically best drawing so far. I feel like the art’s had a huge leap in quality since you mentioned the successful book deal in a comment somewhere.
    As for this story…


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