27 thoughts on “The Walk: The Art of the Wave

  1. A real feel-good story …. nice! It is astonishing how you be touched by such small things you consciously accept. Und winken ist etwas sehr Bejahendes! Just last week I was waiting in a fast food restaurant, the waiter jumped behind his dresen and pulled me out on the arm:” They make war, come! ” I was quite irritated, then he said: “wave!” And then came a military parade and I waved and the waiter was happy and the soldiers too. In the evening, I discovered a little girls at the window in the neighbourhouse, who was watching me. I waved to her too. Well, kids waving often. Oftentimes, I know the reaction already. She hesitated for a moment, then wake back and hid behind the curtain, looking carefully. Then we have been waving for a while until her mother has taken her away from the window. Thank you for the beautiful story!

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  2. I’m from a small town (just below 200K people maybe), and it’s not uncommon for people to wave or acknowledge each other with a subtle brief honk, when driving by. But that’s because most people know each other, and tend stick to their usual daily routes – waving to strangers would likely make you look like a weirdo, as in most small places in Russia.

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    1. Haha, I wonder what Russians who move to small towns in America think. It is fairly common to just casual wave to strangers. I can certainly imagine that not going over too well in Russia, at least in my experience. true.


      1. Yeah, probably don’t try it 🙂
        As for Russians in smaller American towns – depends on the person, I guess. Living in a town just outside of a major US city, and seeing people in the neighborhood casually nodding and sharing a smile with me felt very welcoming, so I always smiled back. Gives a sense of being a part of the community – nice feeling.


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