Do Not Stand in the Wind


Y’s dog is breathing spit onto my face. The white night has become a white day, behind curtains. We lay in bed reading a book on American and English Literature. It is a better bed than mine, it is a better room than mine; I don’t own any books, anymore.

“This one is my favorite,” she says, snatching the book from my hand. She sits up and straddles me. She begins to read, in Russian.

It sounds like poetry. When I read poetry, it never sounds like poetry. When she finishes, I smile.

“Did you like it?” she asks.

I nod.

“Did you understand it?”


She rolls her eyes.

“Will you read me another one?” I ask. She rolls backwards, off the bed. From her bookshelf she pulls two heavy books. She comes back to sit on me. She places the books on my chest. She opens the first one, lifts it to her face.

“I love the smell of new books,” she says. She pushes it under my nose. I agree.

“This is my favorite poem,” she says, “my mother used to read it to me, Anna Akmatova”

She reads it, touching the back of my hand.

“What does it mean in English?” I ask, once she has finished. She holds up a finger, then her phone.

Eventually she begins reading something, frowning, in English. It sounds like poetry. She stops, hands me the phone, shaking her head.

“There are too many translations, you read.”

I do. It doesn’t sound like poetry.

“Have you ever seen Gone with the wind?” I ask.

She shakes her head.

“It reminds me of gone with the wind.”


“Look, here, where it says ‘do not stand in the wind.'”

She looks at the line. “Because they’re both about wind?”

“No, no, because at the end of the movie, the woman he’s been in love with is chasing him to the door, begging him to take her back. But, he just says, frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn.”

She frowns. “That’s not what it is about. She is telling her friend how she upset him and chased him from the house and then he says, do not stand in the wind, because he still cares about her and doesn’t want her to be cold.”

I laugh. “No, he is saying do not stand in the wind because she can’t do anything to get him back, so, she is wasting her time standing in the wind.”

She shakes her head. “No, I don’t think so.”

“Yes, definitely.”

“Stupid,” she decides, “you’re stupid.”

I cross my arms. “I’m not stupid.”

“You are,” she walks back to the bookshelf. I stand up and start putting my shoes on.

“What are you doing?”

“I’m leaving.”

She rolls her eyes. “Oh I was kidding!”

I’m at the door.

“Don’t go, stop being stupid!”

I turn, I open my mouth.

“Do not–”

“If you say ‘do not stand in the wind, I’m going to throw this book at you,” she says, holding up the book, menacing.

I walk back over. Take the book.

“Read me another one?”

She closes the book, places it on the shelf.

**for anyone who is curious. Here is a link to the poem:

48 thoughts on “Do Not Stand in the Wind

  1. So much truth in this story about how everyone sees something different in an artwork. I agree you. The poem is about someone walking out and “don’t stand in the wind” is like “don’t hold your breath.” Yes, it is so Rhett Butler leaving Scarlett. Really enjoy your work.

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      1. I find it hard, to reflect, what a story is talking about, and what the author entends to say. Everybody has a different background. This is what I try to learn here. And all your comments help a lot. Thank you!

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      2. The debates on poetry can be very romantic and playful. Presupposed, you understand, what he is talking about….hahahaha…no, without joking, they are. I have to “google” a lot, to understand the comments hère. But I hope that a little bit of what I´m reading stays in my brain!

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    1. “don’t hold your breath.”, means “say something?”
      yes it could mean a lot…like “come on, lets go inside”..or like ” go out of the fireline”….it´s the same with pictures…you never know, how to interprete. What symbols a special flower, what the colour….

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      1. o.k. in the film “Gone with the Wind” you are definitely right, flash about the meaning of the sentence. The awareness, that she loves him, came too late. He is not willling anymore. He suffered too much. A film made of misapprehensions, wrong decisions, and all because of a chimaera-love of the woman.
        So, maybe your story is more about, lts talk and avoiding misapprehensions?

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      2. hahaha, o.k. one part are these Thoughts about the film and the other is “this lovely story about intimacy” ( thank you Penny😘), what is probably not not a real happening….maybe a daydream?

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    1. Different opinions are difficult in a partnership. This can often end in fight, and I hate to fight. So I prefer to understand. But apart of that, is to be easily offended, never a solution. I argued a lot with my brother, when we were teenager. It was horrible. Therefore there was a rule of my mother: “Before falling asleep, you shake hands!” This was a good rule and we always followed!

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      1. ha, it is not possible that our mothers know each other, but it seems, that we have similar personalities in the family! This is funny!

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  2. What a lovely story about intimacy! Two people completely at ease with each other, at least for a short while. Even the bickering over the meaning of the poem doesn’t matter. I admire the clever ways you establish so emphatically and yet subtly the extent of their physical closeness.

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      1. Yes, this is in fact a very, special username. It would be very interesting, what you thought about, dirtyLittleDaydreams!

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  3. ohhhhh!!!!! One simple word, makes a différent sort of ending? This makes me very nervous now! You have to know, that I live in a foreign country and I speak the language even worse than english. I´m very lazy I know! So I become very easily tired, while listening. And I have somtimes the bad habit to say just “yes” or “no”, even if I´m not sure, if I understood everything correct. It´s something about “beeing ashamed”, to repeat always “Excuse me, I did not understand”. And some months ago, I answered such a question with “yes”! Well the facial expression of the man, told me, that my answer was certainly not adéquat. I should have asked again, but I didn´t. This chases me until today!

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      1. It´s very charming Flash, but in my case, I should already speak flowing the language. I could say, I had no time, but this would be a cheap excuse. I set wrong priorities. And I´m sure, that you are much more disciplined and that you speak flowing russian!

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      2. haha yes I am the one who does most of the commenting. We are trying to get into patreon which might be a new platform to do more content related to ourselves and other works. This website is solely for this project

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      3. ohh no, I do not want to change you with nikita. I´m happy that you are here…I never heard about patreon….it sounds interesting!!!! (I googled it)

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      4. Yeah. Doing this every day is fun. But we’ve been at it almost 10 months and we are quite tired. We both work a lot too so we are hoping to find a way to make money if we decide to do another year of stories and art. But we will see. It’s just an idea we are looking at because we are currently not in the best position financially haha


      5. I can imagine, that this is a hard job over a whole year! Patreon sounds interesting. I have to go to read at the HP….hahaha…I do not know, what I shall read…too much to read at the moment. But I never informed myself about publishing online. I know only the classic way with editions or self-publishing. But I can imagine, that online, there ar much more reader to catch!

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