What Happened When Frank Died: Q & A

Frank died.

“Come on,” a voice said.

Frank opened his eyes. A small girl stood at the door to his bathroom. She was holding a wet boot, weaving her fingers through one of the laces.


“I said, come on.” The girl tossed the boot aside. It fell behind something that wasn’t there. Frank frowned at the spot. Then the girl.

“Are you?”

The girl nodded.

“I’m whatever you expected me to be. And, if you expected nothing, I’m this. It’s–” The girl thought a moment, “more appropriate.”

Frank stood up.

“Are you taking me to my family?”

The girl shrugged. “That’s up to you.”

She walked out of the bathroom. Frank hobbled, wet-footed, out of the tub and through the door. The door didn’t lead to his bedroom as it had a habit of doing, it led somewhere else. Frank looked up and around. It was an expanse of nothing. Ahead, there was a dark spot in the nothing. Frank moved towards it.

A woman sat on a chair. She wasn’t a very nice looking woman. It wasn’t a very nice looking chair. She looked as Frank imagined Margaret Thatcher looking, even though it had been thirty years since he’d seen a picture of Margaret Thatcher.

“Hi Frank.”

Frank slowed his pace, coming within a few yards.

“Hello, what is this?” Frank asked, checking the expanse once more for signs of anything. even the little girl was gone.

“This is where you get what you’re owed,” the woman said in a flat voice. Her lips peeled instead of parted. Frank didn’t like the look of her. He took a step forward.

“And what am I owed?”

The woman gave him the look of a cardboard salesman.

“An answer.”

Frank realized he was naked, yet did not feel embarrassed. He felt annoyed.

“What do you mean, an answer?”

“I mean, the same as anyone else. You get one answer.”

“To any question?”

“Any that I know the answer to.”

“Are you god?” Frank asked. The woman raised an eyebrow.

“Is that your question?”

Frank waved his hand. “Sorry, no. Hold on.”

Frank thought. He had a hundred questions. But, only one really mattered.

“Where are my wife and son?”

“Wherever they wanted to be,” the woman answered. Then, she snapped her fingers. The small girl from the bathroom walked out from behind something that wasn’t there. She glared at the woman who might have been god, or Margaret Thatcher.

“Wait!” Frank called at her. “What the hell is that supposed to mean?”

But, the woman was gone. Frank felt heat rising in his neck. He wanted to cry, or hurt someone. He glared down at the little girl. She blinked.

“She’s a bitch, I know. What did you ask?”

Frank took a breath.

“I asked where my wife and son are.”

The little girl rolled her eyes. “Dumbass,” she muttered under her breath. Frank let all of his anger pour onto her.

“Take me to my damn family!” he demanded, advancing on her.

The girl giggled, not even leaning back on the wave of Frank’s anger.

“There is only one way to go, and it is wherever you thought you would go,” the little girl said, calmly, waving her hand toward a door in the nothing. A black door.

“What is through there?”

“What did you believe would be through there?”

Frank tensed, tired of the nonsense.

“How the hell am I supposed to know!” he cried.

The little girl shrugged, “then how the hell am I supposed to know!” she called back, mocking Frank’s deeper tone.

Frank lost his patience, he lunged at her. But, she’d stepped back behind the thing that wasn’t there. Frank called out in frustration, but nothing answered. Not even an echo.

He calmed down, sighed, and eventually, went through the door. 




  1. Ohh, again so wonderfully entertaining. Slowly, I start to like also the scary of your stories.
    And many, many favorite sentences (a selection):
    “I’m whatever you expected me to be. And, if you expected nothing, I’m this. It’s–” The girl thought a moment, “more appropriate.” (absolut number 1)

    “The door didn’t lead to his bedroom as it had a habit of doing, it led somewhere else.”
    ( I didn´t know, that things could have a habit…this is very funny)..it reminds me at my daughter. She uses to say: The towel, T-Shirt…or what ever….touches the ground….and i say: “sweety, you can only touch with your body, things do not touch….but, now I doubt this….; )

    “She glared at the woman who might have been god, or Margaret Thatcher.”

    I like the little, cheeky girl. She seems to be very easygoing. God/ Thatcher or whatever is not very symphatic….too serious!

    Well….interpretation….uahhh….I think I have to wait for someone, whispering in my ear.
    I devine, that: ” “Wherever they wanted to be,” the woman answered” could be a key for interpretation, but I can not decide in which direction…..I will think about it, before falling asleep.Good night and thank you for one more exciting story!

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    • Haha thank you. And yes, that is the key. And the fact that through the door is whatever Frank thought it would be. There is a theory behind this story. Actually it is two ideas I had that are sort of rolled into one because I couldn’t figure out how to write them separately. If you want, I can tell you exactly what the philosophy is behind the story. Just let me know. And yeah, I love the idea of things having habits. I was really influenced by Douglas Adams when I first started writing and he always had such unique and unexpected ways of describing things. So, I always have that in the back of my mind when I am writing descriptions.

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      • Yes, of course I want! What is the philosophy? And habits are great…in the stories you feel very soon “at home”, when there are habits. Oh, I read only “The Hitchhiker´s Guide to the Galaxy”..but I loves it. I also love the “discworld” of Terry Pratchett…once I did some illustrations for a woman, who was a great fan of Pratchett…..


    • Awesome! I’m glad you do. I love writing them. They challenge me every week and I often am not sure what heaven or hell I will explore next. I’ve gone through most major religions so now they are mostly more absurd and philosophical.

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      • So impressive! I like how your mind works. Did you say you are compiling them? I will def purchase a copy or two. I’m a big fan of David Gaffney here in the uk and like his strange dark lil flash pieces. You can jam so much into so little – it’s a great talent to have, I always want more 😊 looking forward to the next tale

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      • Thank you very much. Yes, so we are coming out with a book soon. Nikita is finishing up the art and then we send it off to the publisher. I will be out by the end of the year and I will announce it on the site. However it is different than the work here. It is not flash fiction. It is a novella/long-form poem of sorts. So, after that we will have a book out already and once this challenge ends we will be breaking the stories up into different themes. I have a lot of stories based in Russia that all connect and follow a loose story-line. We also have a whole book’s worth of Frank stories that we hope to turn into a graphic novel. So, basically, once our challenge ends we will be working with the material we have created to make larger works with more polish and care. Writing and drawing every day takes it’s toll and so some stories don’t come out as good as I’d like and I will be spending time getting everything to a point where I am more comfortable putting it into book form. Then it is just a matter of finding an agent/publisher. (sorry for the long winded response haha)

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  2. You know what? I like you! Can’t wait to read the next one. I already devoured a few of Frank’s “adventures” so far. I already started imagining how this would look like as a movie. It will definitely be one of those series I couldn’t stop viewing. Much like Gravity (2010 series), captivating in its own twisted kind of way. Best of luck with the Book!

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    • haha thank you very much. Actually we’ve discussed it a bit. My little brother is going to school for film and we’ve talked about doing each Frank story in a different style. I don’t know how many styles of film there are but his idea is that each story would look entirely different. I think it would be cool and would fit the flow because each story is meant to stand alone as well as fit into the wider narrative.

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  3. With this I have read all your stories that feature Death, she really is quite the entertainer. I can’t wait till I meet her.
    Is it weird that I’ve always imagined Death to be the wind? Every time the wind blows by I think ‘oh there goes death taking another person away.’
    I think your version of death is pretty awesome though.

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  4. I read one more time. This story is even worse than the “death is wiser in the morning”. With wonderful question and answer games, that really made me laugh again. Little death seems to be a bit confusing, and seems to be in this story especially stubborn. But who is the old woman? And you wanted to think about the door, which is whatever Frank thought it would be. Well I think this decision was taken in life or? Believe in God or not?

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  5. o.k. and in this order, I wonder if little death is really a individual charakter, perhaps the imagination of death of a special person, or it is something like a common imagination of all people/ or groups of people…like Alexia Tales said: kind of a wind…..or maybe little death is individual and this old one is kind of a wind?

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