Flash Back: June

Flash back: June

Hey everyone,

It’s that time of the month again (the end). I’ve started doing these flash backs for people who might not have the time to read every day and don’t have the time to go sorting through thirty stories.

Also, I will go in-depth into the inspiration behind these stories for anyone who has read them already and is curious about where the ideas came from.

*Click the titles to link to the stories

Fruitless Cereal and a Couple Bydlos – So, this story was inspired by “Y”. She really did say that the reason she wants to leave Russia is because when she saw cereal from England, it had actual fruit in it. I personally have not tried the cereal in either place but it seems as good a reason as any. As for the term “Bydlo,” it is the Russian word for gangster/street thug-ish types of people. When my friend told me about them, my browser automatically translated the word into “domesticated cattle.”

A Milk Pillow Lake – So, for those of you who read often, you probably know that “N” is based on Nikita who does all the art for these stories. Sometimes the scenarios and conversations in stories between us are completely made up, or based loosely on something we talked about. This is one of those rare cases where the conversation I wrote is almost identical to the one had (despite the fact that it is more absurd than most of the ones I simply make up or embellish.)

The Day Before Dotty Died – This is actually a true story from when I used to work with Alzheimer and dementia patients. I’ve wanted to write about that time in my life for many years but it is very difficult to capture all of the very unique aspects to working in that field. Not to mention it carries a lot of weight to think about it too often.

Death is Always Wiser in the Mornings DEATH is my favorite character that I have. I do not have many stories with her because she feels so real to me that I kind of don’t know how to plan what she is going to say. Often I’ll start writing a different story and she will just show up and I’ll think, “oh, well alright it looks like we are going in this direction.” She represents a lot of ideas I have about the fact that we don’t really understand anything at all and that DEATH doesn’t really either and she finds it annoying that we spend all of our time trying to ask questions that are, in her mind, absurdly stupid and pointless.

The Rhino is off the Wall – I have to apologize to my brother’s friends here. None of them were nearly as annoying as the main character who comes into the dorm room. I greatly exaggerated the slang (most of it is not real slang, I don’t think.) I stayed with my little brother for a bit last summer and I honestly couldn’t understand what him and his friends said sometimes. And there was actually a silver rhino head that fell off the wall. It is actually more embarrassing for me because I knew the rhino head had fallen off the wall but I’d completely forgotten and I was sitting there so confused for an embarrassing amount of time.

Okay, well. That is the Flash Back for this month. I hope you enjoy the stories. And, if you’ve already read them, I hope you enjoyed some background information. If there are any stories you think should be up there, or if you’d like me to give some background on them, just comment below and I’ll respond there.

Thanks for reading,

Flash 365

Honorable mentions: The Drunk Collar and The Shame Pill (I left these out because they kind of come as a pair and I didn’t want to choose one over the other.)


  1. thank you flash, so hop…looking for a bedtime story!
    P.S. I agree with paolsoren, Death seems to be cool…what a sentence flowing over my lips!

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