A Milk Pillow Lake


When I get drunk, the distance between my hand and face increases. I reach up to scratch my nose, it takes forever.

I miss.

“How did you manage to poke yourself in the eye?” N asks.

One-eyed, I manage to light a cigarette. I hold the pack out to N. He shakes his head; he’s trying to quit.

“Complicated women,” I groan.

N frowns. “Cigarette women made you poke yourself in the eye?”

“No, no,” I shake my head, reminding myself to cut my nails later. “I always seem to fall for complicated women.”

N stares longingly at my cigarette. He snaps out of it. “So, you poked yourself in the eye?”

I nod. “I guess so.”

“Did it help?”

“Not really.”

N sighs, “I know the feeling, I can’t help it neither.”

“Poking yourself in the eye?”

N scratches one finger with another, hard. “No, falling for complicated women, I mean.”

“Why do we do this to ourselves, then?” I ask the bottle of vodka between us.

He sighs at the cigarette between my fingers. “Some people jump out of airplanes,” he reminds me.

“Yes, but they have parachutes!”

N thinks about it. “Well some people jump out of airplanes with no parachute.”

“And what do they do?”

“Hope they land in a lake, I suppose,” he says, moving closer to my cigarette, breathing it in.

I snuff it out.

“No, that would still kill them, for sure.”

“Well, not if it’s a milk lake.”

“A milk lake?”

“Yeah, a milk lake, and pillows, a milk pillow lake.”

I open my damaged eye, blink a few times and smile.

“Yeah, a milk pillow lake. That’s what I need.”

N nods gloomily at the smoldering ash tray.

“Me too,” he decides.

19 thoughts on “A Milk Pillow Lake

  1. hello! The characters, phantastic….but there is no need to mention anymore…; )
    well, a complicated woman sounds bad. And poking yourself in the eye, equally!
    But I´m still not able to recognize, what the “milk-pillow-lake” is! It sounds like somthing smooth, something to be in a safe place. Well there is a turning in the history, at the moment when the bottle of vodka was asked. the subject from complicated women and poking in the eye changed to the history of B. and N., falling out of the plane.
    If there is a criticism of society background I would trend to argue with “butter mountain” and “milklake”…..but…no, I don´t think so….pennygadd51? “flash”? otherwise I´m going to ask the the bottle of vodka!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. haha its meant to be a bit of a sad joke. that there is no way a sky diver would really survive without a parachute just as the characters realize that there is no safe bets when it comes to dating complicated women. That you are just falling and it is going to hurt.


    1. haha no I mean, a lot of the time certain things I write are intentionally trying to point out the nonsense and absurdity behind a lot of situations.They are meant to be taken as the reader sees them. I’m often expressing my own confusions or frustrations but just in a humorous way.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes, the humorous way is, what I like especially! And it is interesting for you to know how the reader understands it anyway. Otherwise, you would not use this minimalistic phrases. You only should not be confused by my interpretations. In my essays in school time, most of the comments from the teacher was: misinterpretation! hahahaha

        Liked by 1 person

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