A Pickle


We laid down to watch a movie. My arm fell under her. She fell asleep. I looked over at my arm and thought:

What if I get an itch on my wrist?

What if my arm falls asleep and starts to hurt?

What if my laptop runs out of batteries?

What if the dog wants to go out?

What if I have to go to the bathroom?

What if someone knocks?

What if my phone rings?

What if it’s my mom?

What if she is dying?

What if someone bursts in to rob the place?

What if they are choking?

What if I have a heart attack?

What if someone tries to kill me?

What if revolution breaks out?

What if I get drafted into the army?

What if an asteroid falls from the sky?

What if aliens show up trying to abduct me?

What if I need to save the world?

What if the world ends?

How in the hell am I going to handle all of these problems with just one arm?

33 thoughts on “A Pickle

  1. If you had a nickel to buy a pickle, would you do it with only one arm? Or would you buy some chewing gum instead. (Your words are inspirational.)

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