Look at Me Now, Ma


Sam sat on the floor while his mother painted watermelons onto her toenails.

“Ma, look!”

He picked up a block and tossed it in the air. He caught it, his heart leapt.

“Great job!” his mother said, opening the black polish. She began deftly dotting her pinky toe. Sam picked up two blocks this time. He threw one, caught it, then the other. He caught that one, too.

“Ma!” he cried. She was humming the B-52’s as she moved on to the pink big toe-nail of her left foot.

“Love shack…do-do-do,” she sang.

“Ma! Mom!”



He threw one block. He caught it. He threw the second block. It tumbled from his hand to the floor.

“Great job!” his Mother said, moving onto her right foot.

Sam sighed. He sat back onto the carpet and picked up the treacherous block. He banged it against the other block as punishment. He glared at it.

Then, with his mind, he lifted it. It floated above the ground, hovering at eye level.

“Ma!” Sam cried, watching the block spin over itself in mid-air.

His mother bobbed her head as she continued to paint.

“Great job!” she said, snapping open the green polish.

Sam sighed and let the block float back down to the carpet.

He shrugged, and decided to go play with something else.

11 replies to “Look at Me Now, Ma

  1. You make a good point in the story, that as parents we can fail to witness miracles in our childrens’ development when we’re too busy. I wonder what I missed? I really sympathise with Sam’s mom!

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    1. Haha aw, well I’m glad. I didn’t really think about that much. I just liked the idea of a kid doing something incredible while his mother was too distracted to notice. Hopefully my mother doesn’t read this. I’ll have to apologize and reassure her that I never levitated toy blocks while she was distracted haha.

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    1. Haha thanks. I am not a parent so I didn’t really think about this from the mother’s perspective. It was just a funny little idea I had. But a couple comments have said something similar. I’m sure there aren’t many children levitating blocks around the living room haha

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