The Playlist at my Mother’s Funeral


My mother always said, “When I die, throw a party. It’s been a good life.” So, over the years, I’ve made a playlist.

Brahms Lullaby, for when I had ear infections. She’d stay up all night, holding my ear, humming, as I cried myself to sleep.

Great Balls of Fire by Jerry Lee Lewis, for dancing through days when diapers were still a thing.

Here Comes the Sun by the Beatles, for the four words she knew of it, that she sang every morning before school; even when it was cloudy.

Rise and Shine by Jesus (?), for the three words she knew of it, on the days we didn’t get up before she finished Here Comes the Sun; every day.

All That She wants by Ace of Base, for car rides through western Massachusetts, visiting her best friend, explaining things I was too young to understand.

Love Shack by the B-52s, for singing so loud pedestrians were impressed, I’m sure of it.

Sweet Dreams by The Eurythmics, for road trips to upstate New York.

Schools Out for Summer by KISS, for the last song she sang before each of us left for good.

And that Dub-step song by Nero, I can’t bear to remember, for when the sound system in her car was too good to play the rest.

And some songs that have yet to be sung.

And, I will happily play them all, knowing she will play none.



Happy Mother’s Day Mom… sorry I don’t really know how to write happy things.

30 thoughts on “The Playlist at my Mother’s Funeral

  1. This is awesome! I hope this is how my kids remember Me … I have a little song for nearly everything we do 🙂
    Beautifully written and thank you for sharing 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks. All of the songs and the little snippets with them are true. I can’t here so many songs without them being tied to some memory of my mother when my brothers and I were young.


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