What Happened When Frank Died: Meat



We are currently compiling, editing and reworking the Frank stories into a novella. Once this process is finished we will be looking for readers to get an idea if people like the final product. If you’d like to be one of the first readers of the What Happened When Frank Died Novella, please send us a message in the CONTACT section of this site.

Thank you for reading,

Ben & Nikita


    1. Yeah. I feel that way too. I had a girlfriend about ten years ago. Very brief. She used to tell me how her mother was terrified of dying because she believed you continue feeling whatever happens to your body. It’s one of those things that I never forgot simply because of how strangely horrifying I found it.


  1. What a black story. The end? Last week completely the opposite and this time rollercoaster down? A turbulent time for Frank. All wrong and cruel, to conclude a short giggle and hop back into life?
    Frank has a big, big heart I think. He even feels panic, when heart is dead.

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