Something to do at Three A.M.


I sit here staring at the ceiling as emptiness falls out of me, only to be replaced with more emptiness; a trick only emptiness knows how to pull.

Someone asked me recently, “is everything going to be alright in this world?”

A question that, when asked out of context, begins to itch.

So, I asked three people.

The first was my brother, I’ll call him The Realist because, that’s what he is.

“No,” he said.

Then, I asked my friend, The Comedian, she said, “didn’t god tell you?”

I laughed, she didn’t.

So third, I asked God, The Apathiest.

He lives in the attic.

5 replies to “Something to do at Three A.M.

    1. Yes, fortunately I only have a dog who only seems interested in something delicious between his toes, or under his tail or…ahem, yeah. I don’t think he is holding any mysteries. I should get a cat.

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    1. Thanks. I actually wrote this one when a friend said exactly that and couldn’t sleep. Normally my stories are a bit longer and weirder. But I really enjoy this one so I am glad you did too.

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