The Duchess and the Blue Bunny (2)


The King and Bishop sat silently as the Duchess collected a bird that could only speak on the full moon, an apple that would bring good fortune to whoever took the first bite, two different bags of magical beans, a ring that made the wearer more attractive to the opposite sex (which the King confiscated), a mirror that showed you the future at the turn of each new year, a stone dagger carved from the ring finger of a troll, three magic pendants, one magic hair pin, and a dwarf.

The Duchess was yawning by the time the last man entered. He had a crooked leg that dragged slightly as he walked. When he reached the floor below the Duchess he pulled from under his cloak a little blue bunny. The Bishop scoffed. “A simple dye.” He muttered to the King. The King hushed him and watched eagerly.

The man began muttering something quietly. The King and Bishop leaned in as the man’s voice grew louder.

“A gift for thee

A death reprieved

Until thy faith

Has been relieved”

The man began to squeeze tighter and the little blue bunny squealed and squirmed.

“A gift for thee

A death reprieved

Until thy faith

Has been relieved”

As soon as the last word had been spoken there was a crack and the little blue bunny went limp. The Duchess screamed as the man began to hobble towards her holding out the limp little blue bunny

“A gift for thee

A death reprieved-“

The first guard to reach the man tore him away from the Duchess before he could utter another word, the second, placed his sword neatly into the man’s heart.

The man fell back, dead.

The King ran over and pulled the Duchess into his arms. She continued to howl away and in the commotion, the dwarf slipped away munching on a bag of magic beans.

The King quieted the Duchess as the Bishop went over to look at the body. As he did he just kept saying “I knew it, I told you, I knew it.” Then he stopped suddenly. He called to the King but the King was busy comforting the Duchess and was not in the mood for a lecture. “Your Highness!”

The King looked over at the Bishop, then at his feet where the little blue bunny was nuzzling against the end of his robe.

The Duchess had finally fallen asleep by the time The King made his way to the bishops bedchambers. The Bishop was sitting by the window with the little blue bunny under his fingers.

“It does not belong to you.” The King told him. “I am giving it back to Duchess.”

“And what will you tell her?” The Bishop asked calmly.

“That it was all a trick. A lie.”

The Bishop stayed silent, the little blue bunny licked at the end of its paws.

The King walked over to where the Bishop sat and snatched the little blue bunny out of his lap. It let out a disappointed sigh. The King placed it in one of his large pockets and stormed out of the room.



4 thoughts on “The Duchess and the Blue Bunny (2)

  1. Just reading the gift list has already paid off … the hare’s breaking neck is of course evil, his resurrection goes along with the murder of the man … but the spells I have not quite understood … death will reprieved until faith has have been relieved (relieved means untill the person believes?)….fast one more today!

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