Sympathy for Hitler

(Part 3 of six day series)

Slick leans back.

“There was a war. A great war. It was begun by a man called Adolf Hitler, he—“

M stands up. “I knew it!” he points at Slick, “you’re friggin’ Hitler, holy shit,” M turns to look at N and I, “this guy is Hitler! I told you he looked familiar.”

M’s face goes wide, his jaw slack. Slowly he says, “they are all Hitler…”

He turns and glowers at Slick. Slick has a deep sadness in his eyes. No, not sadness, shame. I look at Slick and frown. M is right. I look up but M is no longer enraged. In fact, he is pissing himself laughing. N is frowning up at him.

“What is wrong with him?” N asks me. I shrug.

M heaves great deep breaths in between laughing. He looks at me, tears in his eyes.

“You were knocked up by Hitler!” He peels into a fresh fit of laughter. I feel like vomiting. I turn back to Slick.

“You better explain,” I turn to M, “shut up and sit down.”

M sits, he continues to breathe heavily, choking occasionally on a giggle.

Slick watches M until the room falls silent, then, turns to me. He nods.

“Yes, our original was the man you know as Adolf Hitler, but we are not that man. We are copies of him. We are all that is left.”

I don’t move, I don’t even breathe, I wait. Slick takes this as an invitation to continue.

“You see, Hitler was going to lose the Great War, and he was desperate for any way to gain an advantage. So, he enlisted a scientist by the name of Joseph Mengel to create an army of copies, using Hitler’s own genetic materials as the source.

Mengel succeeded.

So, Hitler, not trusting anyone else, only allowed the technology to be used to copy himself. He created armies, vast armies. Within five years the Great War ended. In the aftermath. Well, Hitler’s copies were as ruthless, as ambitious, as their maker. They purged the world of all but each other. For years after, the copies fought amongst themselves, and in the chaos, the true original was lost. And so, all that remained on Earth were infertile copies. All the women were dead, all the men.

So copies, made more copies, who made more. Each time we are copied we are less stable, less intelligent, less everything. We are weak, we die too soon. Once we realized this, we knew that without some new way to create life, we would all soon die.

All our efforts were put into discovering a new way of life, and in time, we did. We found a way to cross dimensions. Yet, no matter where we went, we remained infertile. So, we found a way to use the genetic make-up of the original, found in Mengel’s labs, to create clones in a new, healthier way. To do that we needed hosts, human hosts. So, that is what we did, that is how we have managed to survive. There are only a few of us who are true-born. The process takes much longer but we are not infertile and we live a normal life. Once there is enough of us, we will explore other dimensions for mates and bring them back here and create a new world order”

Slick pauses, his eyes are lit up. He opens his mouth to continue, then shuts it. He looks at all three of us in turn. I look over at M. His mouth is wide open. He is staring at Slick.

“Holy shit,” he manages, before laughing all over again.

3 replies to “Sympathy for Hitler

  1. That’s a brave title, Flash365 but you’ve set up a good v evil scenario that should have readers flocking back to cheer on the good guys. I may need to re read it it just to make sure who that is 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah. I thought about whether I should use this title but I liked the sound of it too much to pass it up. Hey! I’m on he train passing by Newcastle haha. Finally getting a moment to respond to comments. I’ll wave from the train in your direction. I’ll find time to get back to the U.K. Eventually. It’s great.

      Liked by 1 person

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