What Happened When Frank Died: The Wall


We are currently compiling, editing and reworking the Frank stories into a novella. Once this process is finished we will be looking for readers to get an idea if people like the final product. If you’d like to be one of the first readers of the What Happened When Frank Died Novella, please send us a message in the CONTACT section of this site.

Thank you for reading,

Ben & Nikita

11 thoughts on “What Happened When Frank Died: The Wall

  1. Hahahaha! Loved the ending …. and now here is the million dollar question? does the password change according to each who shows up at the door?

    and why was Ethel naked?

    the questions of the inquiring mind …. great story – love how Frank keeps cycling and spiraling around in this “weird dead zone” ….

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    1. I’m glad. I’d been thinking about this Frank story since I started writing them but I hadn’t been able to get it out until this past week. I personally have no idea what she said to get in. I’d like to think it was “pickled” but who knows. This weekend’s Frank will have her as well. She is in a few other stories but this is the first one I named her in.

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      1. The way you’ve written it, well, at least my reading of it …. was that the “password” she used was “suckers” …. so who knows? Interesting ideas here …. can’t wait to see how it unfolds.

        Have a wonderful week 🙂

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      2. Yeah, it’s meant to be a bit ambiguous. Whether she is calling everyone suckers or if she used that as the password. Because she is secretive I wondered if she would say it so loud. And because she is just a weird old lady she might call Everyone suckers. I didn’t make a decision one way or the other but I liked the idea of different interpretations.

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      3. She’s fascinating …. but then, this whole lining up bit is cool too …. and love the have to run around before getting back in line! 🙂

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  2. With Charly on the wall for password search. Why is Ethel naked? Very pictorially and livelyly told and exciting towards the end. “It’s not so bad, the line moves pretty fast. Look. “… maybe not just the line of attempted passwords? Hahaha, the procedure to try passwords is indeed interesting..( I understood also, that suckers were the password). Charly seems to have developed a logical system and Ethel seems more try more emotional attemps. But “pickled” would be a great password too! The Mormons remain a mystery to me. Hahaha, your stories are just all wonderful flash.Is password changing after a success, or better keep it in mind? ;

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