What Happened When Frank Died: The Baby Girl


We are currently compiling, editing and reworking the Frank stories into a novella. Once this process is finished we will be looking for readers to get an idea if people like the final product. If you’d like to be one of the first readers of the What Happened When Frank Died Novella, please send us a message in the CONTACT section of this site.

Thank you for reading,

Ben & Nikita


    1. I’m glad. And yeah I thought I’d cut him a bit of a break haha. I just did a reading and someone said “what if when you die you have to go through everything you put frank through” it shook me to the core

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      1. It shouldn’t do, Ben. They’re stories based on imagination and kissed with genius. Even if Frank’s a real person you’re not subjecting him to anything bad, just entertaining the masses with tales from your mind.
        That said, your that good, God probably follows you and is scribbling ideas as I type 🙂

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  1. ohhh, the story is beautiful and glorious. A rebirth, which he first completely rejects, but then he seems to forget. A reset to “0” and to the end he even liked it … I think that is probably the happiest Frank story (if one leaves out of consideration, that of course, life can play bitter again).

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  2. ohhh, I´m still with my thoughts with Charly and David. So Charly andd David should both know still everything of there lifes. They should know, that they are one person, no? And are they just one person on different times, situations, or do they always come back again, because there was a task to do? David came back for his hijacker, but in fact it was Charly who burnt them and with them David. He became a murderer. Maybe this time, Charly came back for payback, and the one who has to manage the situations is Frank. So in the moment Frank dies the last time, Frank, Charly and David are one person….?

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  3. o.k. so my idea was wrong, of course frank talks from David as his son…hmmm…as I noted there are only one story with David ( the one where all are kids in heaven).

    I try a new one: Charly and David are parts of one person. David died, but the part Charly still lived. He took revenge on the hijacker of David. As a murderer and not believer he will stay forever in hell.

    Frank is the father and fought his whole life against revenge-thoughts. He dies and dies again and does not want to end like Charly? He wants to have eternity in heaven with god and his wife. The problem is, when Sarah killed herself she will not be with him in heaven. The must have been both believers in life to share eternal life in heaven. May be he dies and dies, that god absolve him from his sins? Hmmm but it is certainly no good idea in killing oneself?


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