What Happened When Frank Died: The Baby Girl

Frank died.

A bitter cold washed over him.

His eyes opened for the first time.

“It’s a girl!” someone cried from on-high. Frank heard a high pitched wail. He focused. It stopped. He felt like he was being dragged under a wave as he was passed around the room. He looked up at the faces as they passed. Then, the final face, a woman’s. It was sweat-soaked and smiling. She held him close.

“What the hell is this?” Frank tried to say, but, when he did, the same wailing came out. He realized it was him. He closed his mouth. He began to feel terrified. He closed his eyes tight and tried to get his bearings.

“Aww,” a voice said from behind him.

“She’s beautiful,” a voice, a man’s voice, boomed. The room was filled with joy. Frank stayed as still as possible. This isn’t happening, he thought. He tried to wake up, only to find the face of the crowd of giants had yet to grow bored.

Frank knew what was going on, he knew it but refused to accept it.

“Take me back! Take me somewhere, anywhere, please!” he called out to no one.

“Shh, hush-hush,” someone whispered through what sounded like a loud speaker. Frank tried to think of what to do. He tried to remember anything he’d heard about reincarnation. Then, as the word entered his mind, he stopped. He couldn’t remember what reincarnation was. He said it again, to himself. It was really a funny word. Frank opened his eyes. He felt hungry, he wanted to be warmer, to be fed. He felt his muscles loosen, like a number seven on the count-down to surgery.

“Where am I?” Frank asked, vaguely aware that he wasn’t somewhere he wanted to be. It came out as a gurgle.

Then, looking around, he thought, this isn’t so bad. He tried to think of anywhere he might have been before that had been this comfortable but, he couldn’t place it. In fact, he couldn’t remember anywhere he’d been before.

He looked up at the giant smiling face. The sweat was beginning to dry. The face smiled.

“Hi, beautiful girl, I’m your mommy.”

Mommy, Frank thought, that sounds nice.


    • I’m glad. And yeah I thought I’d cut him a bit of a break haha. I just did a reading and someone said “what if when you die you have to go through everything you put frank through” it shook me to the core

      Liked by 2 people

      • It shouldn’t do, Ben. They’re stories based on imagination and kissed with genius. Even if Frank’s a real person you’re not subjecting him to anything bad, just entertaining the masses with tales from your mind.
        That said, your that good, God probably follows you and is scribbling ideas as I type 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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