**Part one of six in The Babushka Society story line. For all the stories together, click here**

Once upon a time, it is Saturday.

N and I work at his office on Saturdays; a calm loft-like space with a single window to smoke out of. They’ve been doing construction on the building for months. Today it is still. The windows are dark. The doors are locked.

N makes a face as he pulls the usual door.

“Odd,” he says.


“Shouldn’t be locked.”

He walks across the courtyard to another door. I see him jerk on it. He frowns.

I light a cigarette. I watch him pin-ball around the courtyard trying doors. He tries two doors and three. Finally, one opens. He motions to me. I hold up my cigarette. He sighs and lights one too. We meet in the middle. I look at the open door.

“What part of the building is that?”

N shrugs. “I’m not sure, they’ve been working on it a while.”


I snap my cigarette to the ground. N snuffs his out and tosses it in the dumpster beside us.

We go through the door. It is dark. The only light reflects of the red of the walls. I pull out my lighter and flick it. I don’t see the end.

“Have you been in here before?”

N shakes his head. I feel more and more claustrophobic as we continue, as though we are walking down a straw into a can of Coca-Cola. Even the air seems to be narrowing.

Finally, the end. A black door, a red knob.

N puts his hand on the knob.

“Wait!” I whisper, “look, I don’t believe in any pattern to things or, like, any symbolism in the real world. But, if I did, this certainly would be the time I turn around.”


I nod.

“What’s it means?”

“Uh, like when colors and stuff have meaning in stories.”

“Ah, yes, it is the same word in Russian,” N looks back at the door, “so, what does black and red mean?”

I consider it. “Blood?” I decide.

“Blood?” N repeats in a tone that floats between curiosity and mockery.

“Yeah, blood. So, that’s, like bad, let’s go back.”

“But, without blood, we’d die.” He smirks.

He opens the door.

To be continued…

A Writer and an artist living in Russia

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