Clone Inc. Answers for you, from you

I sit in the chair and realize it is the same type of chair they’ve got in waiting room. I remember them: firm, gray, sterile.

I remember the conversation with the doctor. “You’ll have ten minutes before the clone expires,” that’s what he said. Hell, I even remember the way he smelled, grilled cheese.

I hadn’t been able to think of what I’d talk to myself about at the time. The question must have come to me since then, I hope. I am getting bored.

It’s been three minutes now and he hasn’t said a word. There is a window between us. He is smiling. His eyes are crooked, I never noticed.

Four minutes.

He’s just sitting there staring. He had a whole month. How had he come up with nothing to say in a whole damn month?

Five minutes.

They put a clock in here.

Why would they put a clock? So I can know exactly how long I have to live?


Six minutes.

“Say something God dammit!” I yell at the glass. He grins, prick.

Eight minutes.

Finally, the real-me moves. He waves. Two minutes to live and he waves.

I give myself the finger.

“You are going to die in one minute.”

“No shit.”

“What does it mean?” he says.

“What does what mean, jackass? You know you look like a jackass when you talk.”

He only smiles.

“What does death mean now? You know for certain that you are going to die. What are you thinking?” He says.

That was it. Of course, It was just the kind of thing I’d think up in a month obsessing over this moment.

30 seconds to go.

I look through the glass and see a glimmer of panic on his face. And a thought strikes me. A beautiful, enlightening, hilarious thought. I start laughing. It echoes around the cold room. The me on the other side of the glass is standing now.

“Tell me!” he yells through the window.

Ten seconds.

I only laugh. It was a very brief thought.

…maybe I am special, just maybe, I will be the one clone that doesn’t die.




  1. Apologies for not keeping up with your posts recently. I’ll be sure to catch up as soon as I’m able. Love this one as usual. I’d love to see you write something novel length if you haven’t already


    • Thanks, I decided to change it up a bit with some sci fi. I’ve been writing a lot of magical realism lately. And, yeah I’ve actually written a few books. I’ve never done anything with them. This year is kind of about me trying to grow as a writer and make connections and next year I will work more on my longer stuff. My books are all in the first or second drafts except one so I am waiting before I dedicate some serious time to them. If you’d like to read one of them I could email you personally but I’m not ready to do anything with them publicly.

      Liked by 1 person

      • That sounds like an offer that’s hard to refuse. I understand you not being ready to go public. I had that same feeling for a long time, but then realised I’m getting no younger. I’ll soon be putting my neck on the chopping block and sending my novel out to those who may be able to put it in print


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